Who Is Your Naruto Boyfriend?

Ninjas! Enigmatic and elusive, and in the Naruto universe, plenty of them are eligible bachelors. Why don’t we pretend that Boruto doesn’t exist for a hot minute and decide on the ninja who’s most compatible with you.

Whether you’re into bad boys like the Spiky-haired Weirdo or fall head-over-heels for goody-two-shoes saints like the Ramen Glutton or Bowl Cut Guy, there is absolutely no shortage of dashing and available young men in the series.

Heck, if you’re one of those rare types who love the idea that they can ‘fix’ broken guys, we’re ready to give you Gaara’s or the Uchiha clan’s phone number right now.

Many of the best ninja boyfies are already taken in canon, but for the purposes of this quiz, we can conveniently erase characters like Sakura, Hinata and Ino for you.

Who is your Naruto boyfriend? You won’t need to hone your chakra to find your match, just take our Jonin-approved Naruto boyfriend quiz and find out!

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Naruto Boyfriend Quiz


You’d like someone who can always…

How is your free time usually spent?

Which jutsu would be the most useful in your daily life as a couple?

Where would you take him if you wanted some alone time to know him better?

Which describes you best?

Which hair color is the most attractive?

Do you prefer dating men who are a little younger or older?

What’s the best part of being a ninja?

Which of these do you value most?

Do you like guys who express their emotions openly?

Which kind of character is usually more attractive in fiction?

Your school is…

What is your love language?

Which character do you consider a role model?

If you two settle down, you’d like to start...

Naruto Boyfriend Quiz
Your Boyfriend is Kakashi Hatake!

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With his mask and headband on, it can be hard to tell when Kakashi is blushing. He comes across as cold and unresponsive, but he’s shown himself to be surprisingly observant. Beneath his cool temper is someone who is always looking out for the people he loves. He’s also a closet pervert; just so you know. Might you be one of the few to see him unmasked and vulnerable?
Your Boyfriend is Naruto Uzumaki!

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A sentient ball of sunshine, perseverance and endless optimism, it’ll be tough having a bad day with Naruto always by your side. He’s perfectly ready to trip over himself to see you smile, and although it’s well-established that he’s a goof, he will fight savagely to keep you safe and happy. His confidence and good nature are sure to rub off of you eventually!
Your Boyfriend is Sasuke Uchiha!

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The loner, the outcast, the orphan. Hounded persistently by the demons of his past, Sasuke has transformed from a timid child into one of anime’s most driven and dedicated anti-heroes. Deathly passionate about protecting his loved ones, you might learn that his Chidori isn’t the only moment when sparks fly.
Your Boyfriend is Shikamaru Nara!

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Don’t believe it when this guy calls himself the ‘world’s number one coward’ or the laziest man alive; it’s all an act. Sorta. Shikamaru is a tad of a deadbeat, so he likely won’t do the dishes too often, but he doesn’t slack off when it comes to providing for his family or raising his kids. If you’re not careful, he’ll quickly become the kids’ favourite parent.
Your Boyfriend is Gaara!

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Gaara started out as kind of a mess… just like sand. He’s outwardly stoic but secretly one of the most sensitive types out there. He has matured considerably over time, however, becoming one of the most gentle and compassionate (if not lowkey dangerous) cinnamon buns in the series. He especially cherishes those who have loved him in his darkest days, like Naruto.

About our Naruto Boyfriend Personality Test

The Naruto series is well-established for having strong, dynamic characters, many of whom are easily relatable to different types of people and showcase how various personalities cope with the challenges of life as a ninja.

One of the series’ major plus sides is in fleshing out its villains and side characters. Rather than serving as one-dimensional antagonists to the heroes, Naruto’s most beloved (former) villains, such as Itachi and Gaara, had been given backstories which make them more sympathetic to the viewers.

The series commonly uses the power of love as a primary motivational force for both heroes and villains, and speaking of love – exactly who is your Naruto boyfriend?

Alright, that segue was dumb, but you have to admit – there’s a lot of good-looking blokes in the show, and as much as each one is an accomplished warrior who has slain monsters and captured powerful criminals, no jutsu will be able to save their heart once it’s in your hands.

A Brief Rundown on Canon Naruto Ships

The overwhelming majority of Naruto fanfics explore relationships that could have been, but we’ve decided to use this section to talk about ships that actually happened in canon and rub the fact in everyone’s faces again.

Most of the shipping really pays off in the tail end of Shippuden, but the seeds for many pairings had been planted in the cast’s chuunin days.

Among the series’ most visible and longest-running romances are those between Naruto and Hinata, or Sasuke and Sakura. A subtler type of ship is that between Shikamaru and Temari, or Kurenai and Asuma (rest his soul).
Many fans also adore the relationships of many of the characters’ parents, like the deep and loving bond between Minato and Kushina, or Shikaku and Yoshino.


What made Hinata like Naruto?

One of the most defining reasons why Hinata eventually fell in love with Naruto has to do with Hinata’s upbringing. Raised in the competitive Hyuuga clan and derided for being weaker than her brother Neji, Hinata grew up to be shy and unconfident.

Seeing Naruto fail miserably over and over as a young ninja, and overcoming his weaknesses to succeed, rekindled Hinata’s own belief in herself. She would later grow protective of Naruto, quietly supporting him throughout the series.

How did Minato and Kushina meet?

Many fans adored the loving backstory between Naruto’s parents, which makes their demise all the more tragic.

Kushina met Minato when they were kids, as Kushina was sent to Konoha to become the jinchuriki for the Nine-Tailed Fox. When she first met Minato, she considered him shy, girly and weird.

When Kushina was abducted, she managed to leave behind strands of her red hair as a clue for where she was being taken. Only Minato was able to notice this, which ultimately led him to rescue her, at which point she fell in love with him.

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