Who Is Your Haikyuu Boyfriend?

Volleyball – a game of athletic skill, wits, and cooperation. If you’re here, though, then the boys at Haikyuu are competing for a much tougher prize – the tender heart of our dear reader.

Few fans would skip on the chance to have a date with one of our budding volleyball stars.

Whether it’s their feats of speed and endurance in the volleyball court, their signature personalities, or simply their charming good looks and excellent physique, Haikyuu lovers are spoiled for options in deciding which qualities they prefer in their dream date.

But much like a game of volleyball, romance is a battle played by two sides. On one side, you’ve got some of the most eligible bachelors this side of recent sports anime, each coming with different strengths and weaknesses. On the other side is you, the reader, with your own traits and personality.

How would your personality fare against these charming young gentlemen? Which one might be your ideal match? Exactly who is your Haikyuu boyfriend? Better ready your block stance, because this quiz is set to spike some questions straight to your kokoro!

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Haikyuu Boyfriend Quiz


What’s your ideal type like?

Which hair color is the most attractive?

What character trait appeals to you the most?

Pick which food is the tastiest

You’re planning on a first date, deciding to go to…

Do you mind being affectionate in public?

Which body build would you prefer in guys?

What’s a cute character tic that makes you go nuts?

You’re planning on a home date this time. You look forward to…

Are you fond of animals?

Do you think you’re competitive?

Which volleyball role impresses you the most?

Who Is Your Haikyuu Boyfriend?
Your boyfriend is Tetsuro Kuroo!

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Kuroo contradicts himself a lot. He’s a troublemaker, but also a responsible leader. He’s eager to excel in school and volleyball, but can be extremely lax. A snarky and smug guy who’s nonetheless intensely protective and loyal to his team; that’s quite a winning combination, eh?
Your boyfriend is Tobio Kageyama!

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Aloof and awkward, Kageyama is laser-focused on anything he has his mind on, be it a girl or his game. This strong and silent lad is also really shy, but you can bet he’ll share everything on his kooky mind with you. He’s a sweetheart. Consider taking him on dates to improve his social skills.
Your boyfriend is Tooru Oikawa!

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Oikawa is a rather handsome man, as his scores of fangirls attest to. Confident, talented, and always armed with his signature smile, and you happen to be the perfect match for him. Hope you don’t mind getting kisses and affection in public, since Oikawa’s all about that. Plus he’s great with kids! A real trooper.
Your boyfriend is Kei Tsukishima!

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The stoic and severe Tsukki usually doesn’t let anyone get into his zone of comfort easily, but since you’re matched with him, you might be able to break his ice king demeanor. He’d undoubtedly be a tsun, starting out serious but loosening up over time. Guy will enjoy alone time with you – music, movies… and dinosaur documentaries.
Your boyfriend is Wakatoshi Ushijima!

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A papa to his men, and perhaps to you as well. Ushiwaka is a stern and imposing figure in the volleyball community, but he can be clumsy off the court due to his straightforward attitude. It’ll be a challenge to help him communicate his feelings properly, but make no mistake, this ace player is a big ol’ cinnamon bun.

About our Haikyuu!! Boyfriend Personality Quiz

The world of sports breeds a lot of formidable players; people who tirelessly practice to hone their athletic ability, coordination, mental acumen and stamina to crush the competition.

But even with such rigorous training in volleyball, all sorts of personalities manage to distinguish themselves. The game is many things – fast-paced, intense, complex, but it’ll never be boring. And the interactions among Haikyuu’s colourful characters are a big reason for why the series remains wildly fun.

What do romance and volleyball have in common? Well, psychological warfare is one thing - you’ve got guys like Kooru and Kei who are diabolically good at reading and messing with others. Imagine how good they must be at playfully teasing you on dates!

The guys in Haikyuu all have admirable qualities, with said traits mixing and matching to create lots of interesting (and lovable) people. You can expect no less from the students who are stepping up to be the world’s next volleyball stars. We have no doubt that you’ve got what it takes to date one of them, but just who would it be?

Want to figure out which Haikyuu character is your boyfriend? Find out your match with this quiz. Enjoy!

FAQ Haikyuu!!

When is Tobio Kageyama’s birthday?

Kageyama was born on 22 December 1996, the date of the winter solstice. Such days have the longest nights of the year, with only ten hours of daylight. This date is one of many parallels that the King of the Court has with Hinata, who was born on 21 June – the summer solstice.
It’s also notable that Kageyama, a prodigy, is still the youngest player on the Karasuno roster, while Hinata stands as the oldest member.

Why is Tsukki so mean?

Ah, yes. The salty middle blocker. Tsukki used to be a cheerful young lad who looked up to his older brother, who was the team ace at their school’s volleyball club. He later found out that his brother was rejected from the Karasuno volleyball team, which made him sore and bitter. He believed that nobody’s hard work could compete against natural talents like Kageyama or Nishinoya.
He gets better after receiving a pep talk from his childhood friend, Yamaguchi, as well as Bokuto, and becomes more open about loving the sport.

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