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Are you a loser? If you’re a fan of anime, it’s likely that you are. Don’t you ever feel tired of being a loser, though? That’s what young Shoyo Hinata probably said to himself as he trained to be a sterling volleyball player and bring back the failing team at Karasuno High as one of Japan’s powerhouse varsity schools.

The series has ended a few years ago, but that’s no reason to abandon your love for the plucky pack of crows that managed to persevere all the way to the national tournament. Haikyuu is a long story of different personalities discovering their own identities, after all; you can follow their examples by taking our collection of fun Haikyuu personality tests!

As a slice-of-life sports series, Haikyuu doesn’t have characters with fancy magical powers, pacts with demons or otherworldly forces, or mecha outfitted with advanced weaponry. These things would largely be considered overkill in a game of volleyball, and are likely illegal to use in a match. The point, however, is that Haikyuu’s characters rely on a different combination of skills – teamwork, perseverance, and emotional intelligence, to name a few. The players are all still young lads who must practice to excel as players and as teammates.

With tons of young athletes all eyeing the prestige and privilege of being identified as one of the country’s best volleyball stars, the crows of Karasuno High face fierce competition. Faced with their challenges, how would you act? Do you have the cool confidence of Kageyama or the boundless willpower of Shoyo? What position would you choose to give your team the greatest possible advantage?

Whether you’re a varsity player or not, after seeing the show, you might also have daydreamed about joining a prestigious volleyball program. But which school would help you truly thrive in the sport? Heaven knows Kageyama wanted to go to a proper powerhouse school before brooding away at Karasuno. Would you go to Shiratorizawa instead? Or vibe with Tooru at Aoba Johsai?

We’re asking all of these questions and more in the quizzes below. Find out thrilling answers to questions like “Which Haikyuu character are you?” or “Which Haikyuu character would you date?” then scream in terror as you realize you were actually a Kenma type of person all along.

You better be good at blocking, because we’re ready to serve you up a barrage of Haikyuu personality quizzes for your fandom pleasure.

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