Which Haikyuu Character Are You?

There’s something in the interplay of team spirit, internal conflicts, and inspirational storylines in Haikyuu that makes even the most jaded fan shed a tear.

Starting from a bunch of misfit volleyball player wannabes, the show takes us along on their journey to championship greatness.

Now, if you imagine filling in for one of the characters of the show, who would you be most like? With such a diverse cast of characters, who knows? Are you an unshakeable anchor to your team like Kenma, a pure heartthrob along the lines of Tooru or a plucky and sanguine presence like Yuu?

This quiz will probe your personality to see which Haikyuu character you are – you might even be pleasantly surprised at your match. Enjoy!

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Who Are You In Haikyuu?


Which trait best describes you?

Among your friends, what role do you have?

Pick the tastiest food among these choices

Your teammates are in a fight. What do you do?

What’s your signature expression?

What ability do you have?

What’s your horoscope?

Which statement speaks to you the most?

What’s your hidden character flaw?

Are you extroverted or introverted?

How good are your grades?

What’s your favourite role in volleyball?

Which Haikyuu Character Are You?
You are Shouyou Hinata!

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You’re the very heart of the team – naturally bright, curious, and willing to take risks to grow as a person and a team player. Like Shouyou, you can be a little careless and undisciplined, but when you’re really pumped, you never quit. And that’s what your friends really count on you for – the boundless perseverance to take everyone all the way to victory.
You are Tobio Kageyama!

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One thing’s for certain – you’re a dedicated person who can take almost everything by yourself. Maybe you used to be a lone wolf, maybe you’re learning to work better with others – once you’ve tempered the perfectionist side of you with the awareness of your team’s feelings and strengths, you’re usually the guy who finds the best solution to all your problems.
You are Yuu Nishinoya!

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Few people are as passionate as you. You take on life with incredible vigor and enthusiasm, and such energy seems to infect your friends as well. You can be bright and sunny, but you actually keep a more reflective and thinking side of you hidden. You can rub people the wrong way with your boisterous attitude, but it doesn’t take long for anyone to realize they like you.
You are Tooru Oikawa!

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You’re a natural charmer. You might or might not be aware that you’re the source of attention for many of your female classmates or friends – and it has more to do with your looks. People like how committed you are to your interests. You have an observant and calculating mind to complement your charm.
You are Koushi Sugawara!

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Gentle and nurturing, you’re basically a parent figure to your team. You’re good at being the mature voice in the group, mediating arguments between other members and soothing tense souls. They might be shy about saying it, but your friends treat you as the glue keeping the entire team strong. Way to go, Mom!

About our Haikyuu Character Personality Quiz

Haikyuu is a hit anime series about a ragtag group of volleyball hopefuls who try competing for the championship league.

Sporting an intense drama among its wildly different personalities, the show has attracted millions of fans that have continuously derived inspiration from the various challenges that Karasuno High faces on its way to victory.

We all have a particular player whom we identify with the most. That’s why we developed this quiz to properly show you which Haikyuu character you are, by matching your real world traits, personality, and likes and dislikes with your Haikyuu counterpart.


Who is the most popular Haikyuu character?

According to the latest 2021 CBR poll, the most popular character is the resident plucky protagonist, Shouyo Hinata, with 15,547 votes. Following close behind are fan favorites, Tobio Kageyama, Yuu Nishinoya, Tooru Oikawa and Kenma Kozume.
The Haikyuu Fandom wiki popularity poll also features Koushi Sugawara, Tetsuro Kuroo, and Asahi Azumane in their top 10.

Did Daichi really die in Haikyuu?

Among the tensest and most terrifying moments of the series, Daichi’s injury on the court always comes to mind. Gruesome pictures have surfaced online, creating rumors that Daichi died from the volleyball impact to his head.
The sad truth is that the volleyball failed to kill him. After a few, admittedly frightening moments, Daichi came back on his feet and spat out a tooth for his troubles. While he was bleeding, he managed to come out of the game without major injuries.

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