Which Haikyuu Team Are You On?

No man is an island. In the throes of an intensely cooperative sport such as volleyball, each player must work as a team to blast away the competition.

What sort of specialty would you bring to team? Is it your impeccable serving skill? Near-unbeatable attacks? A reliable strategy for bumping or passing the ball, or setting up excellent strikes?

Each trick you know is a building block to your team’s overall strength. Of course, your skills in the court aren’t the only things that matter. Your attitude, behaviour and personal interests also shape the whole team’s spirit in a significant way.

If you clicked on this quiz, chances are that you’re an aspiring volleyball player. You could even be in your school’s varsity program. Or you might simply enjoy playing casually and picked up the sport from watching Haikyuu.

Which Haikyuu team are you on? Take the quiz now to find the team you’ll be glad to call your family.

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Which Haikyu!! Team Would You Be On?


Do you take academics seriously?

You prefer a team that focuses on…

For you, what’s the best sports coach like?

Describe the ideal team captain

Which attire do you prefer wearing at school?

What slogan is on your team’s banner during a game?

Which colors would you like on your jersey?

Pick the perfect mascot for your team

During a game, your team can be compared to…

Select one Haikyuu character to be part of your team

The glue that holds a team together is…

What are your hobbies outside the court?

Which Haikyuu Team Are You On?
You are in the Karasuno High Volleyball Club!

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Haikyuu’s leads are hungry to redeem Karasuno’s once-sterling reputation in the volleyball world by making it to the Nationals. Their greatest strength lies in adaptability and their readiness to grow, instead of sticking to only one play style.
You are in the Shiratorizawa Academy Volleyball Club!

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One of the nation’s powerhouse teams, Shiratorizawa’s play style is to simply shut down the opposing side with the help of their blocking monster, Tendo, and gain points through their super Ace – Wakatashi – and his overpowering spikes.
You are in the Aoba Johsai High Volleyball Club!

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Seijoh High has a balanced skillset, backed by players who are each quite proficient at their roles. They prefer strategizing to poke holes in the other team’s play styles. Seijoh’s ace, Oikawa, and his teammates enjoy getting into their opponents’ minds, punishing any mistakes they make.
You are in the Nekoma High Volleyball Club!

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True to their nickname as the Cats, Nekoma High prides itself on agile and responsive tactics, which allows them to set up a nearly indomitable floor defense. They work around their relative offensive weakness with killer coordination and precision attacks.

About our Haikyu!! Team Personality Quiz

In Haikyuu, several volleyball squads of hopeful, young athletes duke it out in the court to prove their strengths and elevate their teams to the Nationals. These student-age players come from different backgrounds, and their respective life stories and personalities come clashing together throughout the show.

Each player adds their particular skills to the group’s game arsenal and strategy – formidable hitting power, fast and unpredictable movement, solid digs or blocks, analytical prowess, and much more. Likewise, who they are as people also contributes to the timbre and spirit of their team. Some teams create an atmosphere of no-nonsense superiority, while others cherish their more laidback group character.

The show’s starring squad comes from Karasuno High, a thriving high school in the Miyagi Prefecture with a powerhouse volleyball team. By the time the series starts, however, its legends have graduated, and the team has fallen on hard times. However, those like Hinata, Kageyama, and the rest of the new generation believe they have a shot to restore Karasuno’s team of “crows” to new heights of glory.

Karasuno faces many other teams on its gruelling road to the Nationals. Some of these opponents include the hard-hitting players from Shiratorizawa Academy, the gallant members of the volleyball club at Aoba Johsai High, and even Karasuno’s long-time rivals from Nekoma High.

Which Haikyuu Team is the Best?

Fans can make a ton of arguments on which of the most popular Haikyuu teams are technical the best. If we’re looking at trajectories, for example, it’s clear that Karasuno High has had a commendable rise, reaching the Nationals after five years of stagnancy thanks to Hinata and the gang.

Among established powerhouses, few teams can trump Shiratorizawa and their super ace, Ushijima. They keep their strategies refreshingly direct – shutting down any enemy offense with the Guess Blocker, Tendo, and dishing out unstoppable spikes to gain points.

Even Shiratorizawa can pale in comparison with Itachiyama Institute, however. Considered Tokyo’s champion school, their team has Sakusa, one of the top three aces in the nation, as well as Komori, the best libero, and Tsukasa, an Olympic-level setter. Their offense and defense is simply devastating to lesser teams.

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