What Game of Thrones House Are You In?

Westeros is a divided land. From the verdant pastures of The Reach all the way to the bitterly cold North and the sun-kissed deserts of Dorne – the Great Houses that control the continent’s many regions constantly vie for power, honor and glory.

Lowborns and nobles alike know that each House is uniquely armed with its strengths and weaknesses. There are those who field the best-equipped and most well-trained armies, threatening their neighbors through raw military force. Others have subtler ways of cultivating power – through gold, grains, or gods. And yet some simply marry into stronger Houses, forging alliances to benefit their family for generations to come.

As harrowing as it may seem, try to imagine living in George R.R. Martin’s world of ice and fire. Perhaps you’re a commoner, one of the many bannermen of lesser Houses. Or you’re a wanderer looking for the best region to settle in. Ask yourself. “Which Game of Thrones House do I belong to?” Take the quiz to find the one that matches you!

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What Game of Thrones House Do I Belong To?


It’s time to settle into your new home. You choose to live in…

Which craft would you prefer learning?

To keep you company, you decide to have a pet…

Your long-term priority in life is to gain…

You get the feeling that your neighbors are trying to…

What do you look for in an ideal partner?

Which lesson would you teach your kids?

In the Game of Thrones, which role would you prefer?

Your signature facial expression is…

Which meal do you find the best?

What might be your biggest flaw?

When everything else is said and done, you want to be…

Which Game of Thrones House Do I Belong To?
You Belong To The House Stark!

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The harsh, unforgiving winter breeds a hardy and tightly-knit people – paramount to all of them, the Starks of Winterfell. The Starks have no time for petty political games – for them, their House is a symbol of honor, cooperation, and resilience among all residents of the North.
You Belong To The House Lannister!

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True to their symbol – the lion rampant – the Lannisters of the Westerlands are a proud and predatory House. Naturally confident – oftentimes to the point of haughty elitism – their members prefer to use both sheer ruthlessness and deception to dominate the court and the battlefield.
You Belong To The House Targaryen!

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Akin to the flight of their dragons, the Targaryens aim for the heights of majesty and supremacy. Members of this enigmatic House appreciate art, and tend to be idealists who are set to reshape the world in their image, and often distinguish themselves as highly inspirational leaders.
You Belong To The House Greyjoy!

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The Greyjoys of Pyke don’t deal with pretentious ideas like honor or nobility. In the high seas, only strength, cunning, and an unshakeable lust for riches and rewards can stave off one’s death. Greyjoys are not sentimental creatures – they believe being useful is the only way to stay alive.

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About our GoT House Test

The Great Houses of Westeros are constantly at odds with one another. It is the very conflict that transpires among rival Houses that fuels the Game of Thrones, after all. Kings die, wars of succession are fought, the people rally to new and more attractive leaders, and all the while winter steadily approaches. GOT has some spicy geopolitical intrigue going on – surely a treat for historians and military-minded fans.

At the start of the show, the Baratheons held power predominantly through the crown, and yet many could argue that the strongest House were the Lannisters with their gold mines, or the Tyrells, who fed the continent with their abundance of crops.

To complicate things, wildcards existed in the honor-bound Starks and the capricious Greyjoys, whose support could make and unmake kings. The Tullies and Martells took it a step further - and specialized in marrying into other, stronger families.

Perhaps the most volatile element, though, came from the exiled Targaryens. Left to eke out an existence in the continent of Essos, they nevertheless hold the secrets to taming and controlling dragons, and hold incalculable prestige as heirs of the lost empire of Old Valyria.

FAQ GoT Houses

Why are the Lannisters so rich?

The Lannisters claim dominion over the Westerlands, a region of Westeros blessed with environmental beauty and natural resources. These lands also hid an abundance of gold ore, which House Casterly had mined for generations to become the wealthiest nobles in the continent.
These bountiful gold mines, along with the rest of the Westerlands, came into Lannister control during the time of Lann the Clever – founder of the family’s bloodline. This gold is primarily why the Lannisters are so rich.
Trade and industry also added to the family’s coffers, as the region provided many strategic locations for shipping and doing business, including the city of Lannisport.

Why do the Targaryens go crazy?

“Targaryen madness” is an affliction found in many of the family’s members over the centuries, including Aerys II, the Mad King, and even poor Dany in the TV series. It’s even inspired its own phrase – “every time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin.”
This insanity is a result of the generations of inbreeding to keep their royal bloodline pure. Not all who are afflicted are insane from birth – some go mad over time, hearing voices, obsessing over destruction, and developing a bloodthirsty persona.

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