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Game of Thrones takes you to a fantastical world where magic thrives and the graceful simplicity of medieval living can be appreciated. Only instead of spending a happy life in a castle, you’re bleeding from a gut wound while crumpled in the dirt of a foreign battlefield, and instead of fairies and pixies, there is only an uncrushable horde of the frozen dead looming ever North.

And yet, there is a strange majesty to the series. The glory of its warriors is often mixed with gore, and oftentimes, gratuitous nudity. You might even be looking for some fun Game of Thrones personality tests to see if you can get the booty as easily as Oberyn Martell. Or if you’re particularly blessed, you could even be like Podrick. 

This series, written by sadistic genius George R. R. Martin, is a visceral take on the medieval fantasy genre. Folks get bored of these things, usually. Watching old, white-haired men sit around a table discussing matters of the state would put even a White Walker to death from boredom, but when it’s Tywin Lannister leading the conversation, casually flinging death threats for the slightest hint of failure, you just have to pay attention. Throw in his sharp-tongued son, Tyrion, and dinner with the family would never be the same.

Game of Thrones lets us see humanity through the grime and grit of imperfect characters. That’s one of its core appeals. Pretty-boy knight so arrogant he loses a hand for it? Check. Excitable little midget who becomes a cold-blooded assassin? Check. Mild-mannered maidens who develop a thirst for power? There’s three and probably more. Each of these poor souls gets their turn in hell, and they either survive or die.

If fighting for your home and country is your fantasy, better choose a House to die for. Would it be the illustrious but ruthless Lannisters? The royal Baratheons? The Tyrells with their hills and hills of food and riches? Or the Starks with their hills and hills of snow? Every House has their fans!

Curious to see which cold-blooded murderer – I mean, noble hero – you are in the show? Do you fancy yourself a politician, a warrior, a scholar or a lover? Would you rather lead a peaceful life as a farmer or get black-out drunk on a stormy sea? We’re making these Game of Thrones personality quizzes for you to indulge your GoT fandom!

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