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For a lot of us, nothing is more symbolic of the wonder and magic of our childhood than the House of Mouse. These Disney quizzes will help you discover what makes the studio magical for you.

Nearly a century has passed since Steamboat Willie first started chugging along on his ship, and since then, the studio’s fantasies have lit the imaginations of millions of children.

Disney is a true cultural icon. The studio has brought so many wonderful stories and characters to life, from the classical tales of a peasant girl like Cinderella finding true love, to brave new legends such as Mulan, Pocahontas and Elsa and Anna. And we all have our favourite fairy tale – which tale has the most magic to you?

In this category, you can find all of our quizzes about Disney. Have you ever wondered how you’d fit into the world of the Seven Dwarves, Mary Poppins, Mother Gothel, the Lost Boys, and Alice? Take our Disney personality quizzes and explore the world for yourself!


When people think of an entertainment company, one name always sticks out – Disney. Their full name is the Walt Disney Company, and they’re the studio responsible for sparking so much joy and amazement.

Disney is most known for its family-friendly content, including its classic fairy tale cast of Snow White, Cinderella, the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Tarzan, Pinocchio and more. They have a knack for painting worlds that pop to life through amazing animation and beautiful scriptwriting and acting.

Many quizzes about Disney revolve around such characters, who have become so memorable that they can be seen as legends and folk icons in our modern age. Quizzes on Disney princesses, for instance, are always fun due to the variety of strong personalities that many kids can look up to. Just ask Mulan and Merida, both of whom are based on female warriors ready to fight for their families and tribes.

And that’s not to say contemporary Disney films are boring. The standout film, Up, tells a heartwarming tale out of characters we can all relate to – from the childish Russell to the grouchy adult self we see in Mr. Frederickson.

A quiz about Disney would also feel incomplete without mentioning Tangled, Zootopia, Wreck it Ralph and Frozen, which also tell fresh, new tales that are still filled with good ol’ tight-knit values for newer generations of fans.

Disney has always had a good story for every kid and kid-at-heart. If you’re looking for some fun Disney personality quizzes, then you’ve found the right place. To you, we say: “Come one, come all!”

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