Which Disney Animal Are You?

No Disney adventure is complete without our plucky heroes’ signature animal companions to keep them safe and sane in their epic journeys.

We’ve got all sorts of animal buddies tagging along for the ride ever since the days of Jiminy Cricket. Feisty lobsters, hot-headed dragons, headstrong reindeers, and bumbling alligators – you name it! They keep the shows fresh with their lovable personalities and comedic moments, and are responsible for saving princesses on more than one occasion.

Suppose the big wigs at Disney Studios gave you a shot at portraying the animal companion that matches your personality the most in their next live-action reboot. Which Disney animal are you? Answer these questions to see for yourself. Enjoy!

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Which Disney Animal Am I?


Do you listen to authority or play by your own rules?

What’s your worst enemy?

Which ability is the most useful to you?

You’re auditioning for a role at Disney Studios. For luck, you wear the color…

What’s your best friend like?

Hahah, that’s nice. But really, what’s your best friend like?

Can you hold your own in combat?

What’s your weapon of choice?

Which person scares you the most?

Your preferred mode of transportation is…

Your goal in life is…

Which hobby appeals to you a lot?

Which Disney Animal Are You?
You are Pascal!

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This sassy chameleon from Tangled is one of Rapunzel’s closest friends and guides. Although his snarky facial expressions tend to make him look like he’s fed up with Punzie’s antics, he’s a patient and loyal friend. Being a chameleon, he also expresses his emotions without having to speak them out.
You are Maximus!

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Gruff, competent and determined, as a Guard horse, Maximus is usually more effective at upholding the law than his human teammates. He has a strong sense of morals and does what’s right. While he can present himself as a tough guy, around people who show him compassion, Maximus is a big softie.
You are Sebastian!

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The vivacious and fun-loving Sebastian is one of Ariel’s wisest and most loyal friends in The Little Mermaid. As the royal assistant, though, his high spirits are usually at odds with the serious-natured King Triton. Sebastian is sensible and tends toward the safe side, usually protecting his friends from reckless adventures.
You are Abu!

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Abu is a mischievous trickster, much like his buddy Aladdin. He’s quite sneaky and capable of outsmarting many people for pranks and giggles. At his core, though, he has a sensitive and empathetic heart. In the company of his friends, he’s a steadfast pal who knows how to get away from a sticky situation.

About our Disney Animal Personality Quiz

Films in the Disney universe tend to have animal characters that show just as much personality as their human partners. It’s practically one of Disney’s signature features, a tradition started by figures like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Jiminy Cricket, and – of course – Mickey Mouse.

Counting all the animal characters produced by the House of Mouse would likely be a Herculean task. You’ve got a lot of animals that not only talk, but sing – and usually in show-stopping musical numbers, at that. These animals have lives and attitudes as varied as humans. Even the animals that don’t speak are entertaining in their own ways. After all, you don’t need to talk to tell your friends how dumb their idea for fun is.

With Disney having such a large cast of animal companions over the decades, there’s sure to be a few that match your personality as well as Mickey’s matched to Minnie. Whether you find something in common with wily squirrels, grinning cats, absent-minded surgeonfish, or mythical beasts like a dragon or Pegasus, there’s always something to enjoy. So, which Disney animal are you? We hope you like our quiz!

FAQ Disney Animal

Why is Sebastian from the Little Mermaid Jamaican?

During the early stages of producing The Little Mermaid, Sebastian was a far different character – in fact, the shellfish was first known as Clarence, a sophisticated and uptight character with a posh British accent. Later in development, Sebastian was made into a more easy-going and lively Jamaican character.

Sebastian’s backstory in the Little Mermaid TV series showed that he was born off the Jamaican coast, which gave him his accent.

What was the real-life inspiration for Abu from Aladdin?

The film Aladdin drew on a lot of inspiration from the 1940 classic, “The Thief of Baghdad.” Abu, a young thief from this film, largely inspired the idea for Aladdin’s troublemaking monkey sidekick. The producers also studied Capuchin monkeys in zoos to make Abu’s behaviour and movement as lively as possible.

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