Which Disney Prince Is Your Soulmate?

So you are the Disney princess and the only dream you have now is to have an attractive and smart prince for you right ?

Disney producers have dealt with that also and made a ton of Disney prince similarly as you longed for. Presently the question is which one suits you the best and which prince would be your soulmate. We all need somebody to make us feel extra special thus Disney prince does that, they are made extraordinary character to help their princess, battles for them, and their motives.

Disney prince is all we need to become as we all have a rundown of traits we need our soulmate to have. Disney creators have made stories in which Disney princess is a central role and all the princes have something important to help them and empower them during their mission.

Let's discover by taking this quiz and you will know which Disney Prince is your soulmate and how much you think about them the most.

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Which Disney Prince Is My Soulmate?


Who's the perfect man for you?

Do you prefer a blond or brown man?

What is the most important quality for a man?

Where would you want to live?

What do you like to do on weekends?

What's your favorite food?

The perfect romantic date would be...

Does a man have to be able to protect you? Is it important to you?

Your friends tell you that you are...

Are you attached to the traditions of gallantry, to the tale of the prince who saves the princess?

In the evening, a guy flirts with you in front of your prince. What is his reaction?

And if a girl starts to flirt with him, how would you react?

Which Disney Prince Is Your Soulmate?
Your Soulmate is Prince Florian!

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Prince Florian is a young man in his twenties, with a beautiful voice and singing very well. He is very charming and romantic with Snow White, serenading her under the balcony of the castle. He seems to like the contact with animals, especially doves. The Prince also shows courage and determination, as he tries to find his beloved all over the country.
Your Soulmate is Prince Philip!

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Phillip is known to be a brave and heroic prince. He seems to be quite relaxed. Sometimes he is able to subtly persuade people to do what he wants.
Your Soulmate is Prince Eric!

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Eric is a hopeless romantic and seems rather dreamy, believing that his true love certainly exists. After being rescued by a mysterious girl with a beautiful voice, he immediately falls in love and sets his sights on finding and marrying her, feeling a deep gratitude for her actions. Later, Eric will prove his commitment to romance by risking his life to the utmost for Ariel's safety, proclaiming that he has lost her once and refuses to lose her again.
Your Soulmate is Prince Adam!

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Prince Adam is a young and rich man, living in a huge castle in France. He always lived in luxury, and this made him greedy, proud and selfish.
Your Soulmate is Aladdin!

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Despite his upbringing, at the beginning of the film, Aladdin was a generally upbeat, fun and charming character. Although he was forced to fly to survive, he showed his joy in escaping the brutal guards, and showed an attempt to find pleasure in the struggles of his daily life. Nevertheless, although he did not shy away from robbing the inhabitants of the market, even if it was by force, Aladdin was by no means a selfish character. Not only were the the thefts for survival, as mentioned above, but Aladdin never hesitated to sacrifice his food for the less fortunate in Agrabah, such as hungry children. This is an example of Aladdin's altruism, which has been emphasized several times throughout the film, especially for the sake of Jasmine.
Your Soulmate is John Smith!

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Initially, Smith assumes that the journey to the New World will be the same as the other trips he has made. During his exploration and his encounter with Pocahontas, however, many of his opinions about the natives changed thanks to the princess. John is said to have had prejudices about the Native Americans, whom he considers savages. Despite these opinions, he is considered a hero for his courage.

About This Disney Prince Soulmate Personality Quiz

Cinderella wedded a man without knowing his actual name as the prince charming doesn't had a name, isn't this unusual? A sum of 9 official princes are cast in the animated film and shows of Disney movies anyway there are more than that as unofficial princes in the Disney franchise like Tarzan, Hercules, and so forth. Simba is known to be renowned in light of his charm and dauntlessness. He has shown up in the lion king franchise and central role in the movies. All Disney prince has come out from the Disney princess franchise and they are the official line-up of the male character in leading roles opposite to princess in the film who shows love and fascination towards Disney princess and encourages them during their mission to satisfy their desire. Notwithstanding, a portion of the main Disney prince has an alternate character and battle for themselves, and their kingdom takes it to be Aladdin, beast, and that's just the beginning.

The main Disney prince is obviously from the first Disney film featured in 1937 snow white and seven dwarfs. prince Florian is without a doubt our #1 character and we generally needed to resemble him as his qualities and characteristics are unrealistic. Generally, all Disney princes are fearless, keen, and smart that we need to become like one or to wed one. The main sure approach to discover which attribute of yours is generally similar to him and fits the best so as to be become his perfect partner is to take this quiz. Answer all the questions and discover which Disney prince character is your soulmate.

Disney Prince FAQ

What is the real name of Cinderella's Prince charming ?

Cinderella's husband and lover has no name. But since this came out as a major issue, the owner of the Disney franchise claimed that his name is Henry.

How many Prince have sung in the movies ?

All princes have a great quality of singing in their movies which is also a great idea to explain the past story or feeling of the prince in a very melody way. But there is only one prince who doesn’t sing in his movies. Prince Eric in all his movies doesn’t sing and left the Disney duty.

Why Tarzan surf through the trees ?

Glen Keane inspired from his beloved son, Max, who loves to skateboard all day long and performs extreme stunts such as snowboarding. Thus, Tarzan character is from his son's trait and seemed to surf through the trees.

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