Which Squid Game Character Are You?

When you’re playing a game where defeat is certain death, and victory means wealth beyond your wildest dreams – what kind of person would you turn out to be?

Society can make people desperate – and the contestants of Squid Game lead such difficult lives that they’d willingly risk losing them just for a shot at winning a gigantic cash prize. But what else is at stake when you sign up for this sadistic competition?

Only one person gets to come home alive with the cash reward. Would you sacrifice your childhood friend or significant other to be the victor? Would you decide to lie, trick, mislead and betray erstwhile allies and attempt to sabotage their progress? Could you stomach the idea of leaving a defenceless girl or an old man to die because they wouldn’t be the best team members?

And if you ended up surviving at all, exactly how would you spend billions and billions of Korean won?

You don’t have to play a round of ddakji or be in crippling debt to take this personality quiz! Which Squid Game character are you? Put on your tracksuits and find out!

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Which Squid Game Character Are You?


If you could sneak in any tool into the island, it would be…

How would you beat Red Light, Green Light?

Which special ability would best help you survive?

Which tactic is the best for winning Honeycomb?

How do you pick your team for Tug-of-War?

Which of the games do you find the easiest?

A fight breaks out in the night! What do you do?

Who would you choose for Marbles?

If you happened to see the Salesman again, what would you do?

Would you let others go behind you in Glass Stepping Stones?

Would you kill your enemy in the last game?

You’re victorious! How do you spend your first few won?

Which Squid Game Character Are You?
You are Player 456 / Seong Gi-hun!

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While he’s been a deadbeat dad and a failure of a son, it’s Gi-hun’s good nature that shines through during the games. He still believes people can be kind to each other, and manages to band together a team due to his initiative and willpower to keep living.
You are Player 218 / Cho Sang-woo!

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Sang-woo would do anything to escape the law after his fraudulent banking schemes were found out. Using his cunning and strategic mind, he outsmarted nearly everyone in the game. Single-minded and focused on winning, he didn’t let friendships or petty alliances ruin his plans.
You are Player 067 / Kang Sae-byeok!

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Her hard life as a North Korean defector and pickpocket has made Sae-byeok secretive and mistrusting. She’s driven to win the games for her family by maintaining a low profile, staying alert, and silencing her opponents using her sleight-of-hand and skill with a knife.
You are Player 199 / Ali Abdul!

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This humble and unassuming fellow’s in Squid Game for his wife and year-old son. Although he’s unfamiliar with many of the games and struggles with Korean, his immense strength and kindness make him perhaps the most reliable ally to have – and he’s always willing to help out.
You are Hwang Jun-ho!

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An intrepid police officer investigating his older brother’s disappearance, Jun-ho managed to sneak into the games’ secret island with nothing but his phone and a handgun. His adaptability and resourcefulness – and luck – have made him a constant threat against the Front Man.

About our Squid Game Character Personality Quiz

For a twisted competition held for the entertainment of the insanely wealthy, “Squid Game” has such an innocent name – being based off a common South Korean schoolyard game in the 1970’s and 80’s.

The record-breaking Netflix series is a chilling look at the darker side of society, and how such a nightmarish organization might hide – and even thrive – off of its cruel and illegal activities. The founder of Squid Game himself justified his actions by claiming that people were no longer capable of helping each other, and so nobody should pretend they care about the lives of strangers.

The show is gory, brutal and completely merciless in depicting the consequences of your desires and actions, and makes a compelling case for why many good-hearted people – when desperate enough – can resort to lying, manipulating, sabotaging, and killing others to stay alive.

Squid Game’s Pink Soldiers - Explained

Competing to have the most overly-used Halloween costume this year are the Squid Game’s own Pink Soldiers. These enigmatic gunmen wear a distinctly pink-red jumpsuit and hide their identities behind a dark mask.

Sharp-eyed viewers can notice that their masks have varying symbols – these actually denote a guard’s rank in the organization.

The lowest-ranking goons use the Circle symbol. They’re assigned to menial tasks, such as cooking meals and dalgona, rearranging the beds, and carrying corpses into coffins for incineration.

Guards with Triangle-printed masks are soldiers; they’re the ones usually holding firearms to deter rule-breakers and eliminate people who fail a game.

Masks with the Square symbol belong to the supervisors – they provide instructions, arbitrate on rules and clauses, and oversee the rest of the Pink Soldiers.

FAQ Squid Game Characters

Why did Gi-hun dye his hair red?

A year after spending virtually nothing from his 45.6 billion won reward, Gi-hun suddenly decided to dye his hair a bright red.

Although it wasn’t stated explicitly at any point in the show, show creator Hwang Dong-Hyuk related the move to Gi-hun wanting to break free from the nightmarish trauma of the games by doing something he never imagined he’d do.

At the same time, the red hair embodied the ignition of his inner rage against the Squid Game operation.

Is Jun-ho still alive?

Using only his wits and a handful of bullets, the policeman Jun-ho uncovered several aspects about Squid Game and nearly managed to leak the information to his boss – before he was found and cornered on a deserted island by the Front Man himself.

The two had a long confrontation. Jun-ho shot the masked leader in the shoulder before the Front Man eventually shot him as well. Although the finale never depicted him as staying alive, many theorize that Jun-ho is still alive. He was only shot once in the shoulder or below the clavicle and fell off a relatively short cliff into the sea.

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