Which Marvel Cinematic Universe Character Are You?

Whether you’re a Marvel enthusiast still having an identity crisis about which superhero (or villain) you actually are, or just a casual fan who has miraculously not yet fallen into the MCU rabbit hole, we have quite the quiz for you.

When people talk about the Marvel Universe, the “universe” part can get pretty overlooked. Not everyone has the energy to consume every comic book, TV series, video game or novel that Marvel has to offer, which is why the MCU has done a stupendous job opening up the franchise’s storylines in a digestible movie format.

Throughout the past two decades, there’s been no stoppage of memorable characters churned out with movie after movie. You have your evergreen legends like the Dude with the Shield, Beard God, and Snarky Metal Guy; rising stars like that Spider Youngster; and surprise hits, such as Silly Magic Man, the Angry Green Person, and Chris Pratt but in space.

Which Marvel Cinematic Universe character are you? No need to wait for any post-credits scene to get your answer; just take this personality quiz and find out!

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Marvel Character Test


Which of your traits distinguishes you from other superheroes/villains?

What is your signature weapon?

Which of these would your close friends likely describe you as?

During your off days, what do you usually work on?

If you hear that an alien army is going to invade Earth, you immediately think about…

If you could possess an Infinity Stone, which one would you choose?

What’s your usual role if you’re fighting alongside other heroes?

You’re walking home at night when you find a homeless kitty shivering in an alley. What do you do?

Which of these villains would be your own archenemy?

Who would be your best friend in the MCU?

Do you like working solo or with a team?

Are you more inclined to be a hero or villain?

What is your all-time favourite MCU film?

What’s the best drink to kick back with?

Who’s your favourite duo in the whole series?

Which Marvel Cinematic Universe Character Are You?
You are Spider-Man!

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Awwww, who’s the pluckiest, bravest, most resourceful new superhero in the team? You are! Yes, you are! Just like how peppy young Peter Parker managed to go from a normal teenage life to fighting on alien worlds and against tremendous odds, you‘re always up to help your friends and do what’s right. You’re destined for great things, but nothing will ever stop you from being a humble and friendly person.
You are Captain America!

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No advanced super-suit, magic, or fancy superpower can ever defeat plain old courage and honor – how else would Cap have survived for as long as he did? People who think his attitude may seem as boring as his super-serum enhancements aren’t paying any attention; he wins his battles by being more daring than his opponents and refusing to give up. He also can’t stand bullies, and will fight them with his last breath.
You are Iron Man!

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Tony Stark’s arsenal contains just as many quips and witty comments as his legions of Iron Man suits and high-tech gadgets. He’s competitive, confident and all too cocky, but he always backs it up with hard work and a constant drive for self-improvement. It’s true that he suffers from his own fears and demons, but he makes it a point to prevail over them.
You are Thor!

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Although the harshness he’s endured in the films has tempered his arrogant and irresponsible streak, Thor remains, at his core, strong-willed and boisterous. He loves a good challenge, enjoys the thrill of combat, and never gets fazed even when he’s momentarily beaten by his enemies. He might look like a boneheaded bruiser, but he’s surprisingly clever and studious as well.
You are Loki!

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Loki’s epithet is the “God of Mischief”, so you likely have a pretty good clue about who he is already. Superlatively cunning, he can weave tricks upon tricks and plans several layers deep to outwit his enemies. Despite their best intentions, people can’t help but fall under his charming and disarming attitude either. He has deep-seated insecurity issues, which he tries to resolve with being more successful and praised.
You are Thanos!

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“The hardest choices require the strongest wills,” and it takes a particularly strong will, and a stomach for suffering and pain, to do what you honestly think is the right choice. That is Thanos’ most defining quality, making him a highly effective, psychologically-strong and ruthless final villain for the Avengers. Although he can care deeply for others, he also tends to manipulate people to work towards his own ends.
You are Hulk!

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Whether it’s as Hulk or himself, Bruce Banner has a hero’s heart, always instinctively trying to protect the innocent from harm. He’s outwardly mild-mannered, easy-going and reserved, but those traits only disguise the intensity of his inner emotions, especially rage. He initially tried to resist his animalistic alter ego, but has since learned to coexist with both his pleasant and primal personalities, making him a truly formidable hero.
You are Black Widow!

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Romanoff knew exactly what it took to survive, even when the world wanted her dead or captured. She was fiercely self-sufficient, analytical, and cold-hearted when it came to her objectives. She also tended to keep her true intentions hidden to everyone, making her unpredictable and intimidating to many. Despite the often heartless nature of her job as an assassin, however, Romanoff retained her strong sense of compassion.

About our MCU Character Personality Quiz

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has acted as a big tent for superheroes and concepts from all across Marvel’s extensive line of comic books, novels and sagas to bedazzle a whole new generation of fans.

One of the MCU’s most integral qualities is in its continuity – its early years were marked with a lot of standalone releases that focused solely on a particular superhero, before it started tying together these films to tell a continuing story.

As a result of weaving character arcs and storylines together, the MCU has also made it a prime feature of its movies to see different superheroes bounce off with each other, with personalities all across the board – from humble ol’ Cap to hotshots like Dr. Strange, and wise princes like T’Challa vibing with plucky Queens teenagers like Peter Parker.

If you’ve ever noticed, a recurring theme among the Marvel films is that they show how just about anyone can have what it takes to be a hero if they’re willing to fight.

To help you see how your personality would reflect on the particular type of superhero or villain you’d become, our “Which Marvel Cinematic Universe character are you?” quiz has you covered!

The Villains of the MCU

Marvel has a mixed bag when it comes to villains. For a while – and some fans would argue, even until Endgame – the series had a problem with making memorable antagonists with fleshed-out backstories.

As a result, you ended up with a handful of forgettable, one-dimensional baddies, such as Malekith, Dreykov, Whiplash, and Kaecilius, who only existed to be the hero’s punching bag and a source of character development.

Above those losers, there are some plain-seeming antagonists who nonetheless had entertaining moments or meshed well against the heroes – these include Ronan the Accuser, Ulysses Klaue, and Darren Cross.

Some of the better villains are Hela, that Grandmaster weirdo, Red Skull, and even Ultron.

However, the real standout villains of the MCU are antagonists like Zemo, Killmonger, Vulture, Loki, and of course, the angry purple raisin himself.

FAQ About Marvel Characters

Why were there 3 Spider-Men in No Way Home?

For those of us who still haven’t caught up with the latest Spider-Man blockbuster, the in-universe reason for why three versions of Spider-Man showed up on screen is because of Dr. Strange’s antics with the multiverse caused them – as well as their enemies – to appear in the current dimension.

Out-of-universe, it was because Sony and Disney reached a deal. Disney, Due to the storytelling potential of getting closure from two discarded versions of the franchise, the iterations played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield would be reprised as Tom Holland’s co-stars in No Way Home.

How is Loki alive in the Loki series?

Loki meets his end early in Infinity War in a heartrending scene, which makes it odd that he has a TV series based around him that takes place after Endgame.

Simply put, the Loki in the series is different. He was the past version of the anti-hero who escaped with the Tesseract during the Battle of New York when Cap and company went back in time to retrieve the Mind Stone. As a result, he has none of the memories – or sadly, the character development – of Loki Odinson, who remains dead in the prime timeline.

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