Which Genshin Impact Character Are You?

The world of Genshin Impact is populated by a massive cast of characters from all walks of life. The game certainly doesn’t leave you wanting whenever you want to explore its picturesque locales to your heart’s content, and you’re always accompanied by a gang of your own favorite characters to help you out.

As you wander around Teyvat and its mystical nations, earning your keep with various factions and conquering the temptation to finally put Paimon over a cooking fire, you’ll need to pick characters whose skills you find useful and whom you personally like. Naturally, the types of characters you consider your favorites can say something about you.

If you were magically thrust into Teyvat yourself, which character would you turn out to be? Would you have what it takes to rise to Archonhood, or bring peace to the shattered world?

Which Genshin Impact character are you? Take our quiz and find out – and rest assured that, unlike the Wish system, the results you’ll get will be one hundred percent fair.

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Genshin Impact Character Quiz


What is the game’s main attraction for you?

Which weapon would you use to protect yourself?

Where would you rather live?

Which element do you prefer most?

If you quickly needed a new side job to earn Mora, what would you be?

Which combat specialty would you excel in?

If you were reading a book, what kind of book would it be?

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Are you flirtatious?

Do you consider yourself a weird human being?

If you had a lot of Mora, what would you spend it on?

Do you easily get frustrated or angry at others?

How soon do you work on something if you had a week to finish it?

How would you see the Traveler?

After an exhaustive day doing missions, what would you do after coming home?

Which food brings you the most joy?

Which Genshin Impact Character Are You?
You are Venti!

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As free-spirited and convivial as a spring wind, Venti travels around Mondstadt living the happy-go-lucky life of a bard, regaling strangers with songs and poems in exchange for food and copious amounts of alcohol. He brings color into the world with his playfulness and creativity, concealing his inner loneliness and more philosophical side as the Anemo Archon.
You are Ganyu!

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The soft-spoken but diligent secretary of the Liyue Qixing, Ganyu has thousands of years of experience behind her gentle persona. She’s someone who values the stability of a good routine. Easily absorbed in her work, this half-qilin frequently feels tired, and can be a little fussy and forgetful whenever she remembers to have a social life.
You are Zhongli!

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Zhongli – tranquil, refined and respectful – is a true gentleman. He isn’t particularly materialistic, focusing instead on pursuits such as history, culture, and philosophy. Consequently, he is often sought out for his expertise. A firm believer in rules and traditions, he is a scholar in many fields save for money – about which he is next to clueless.
You are Hu Tao!

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Hu Tao truly lives up to the motto, “work hard and play hard.” On a personal level, she’s an absolute child whose favourite pastimes are pranking and irritating the people around her. However, she takes her job as the director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor very seriously. There’s far more than meets the eye with Hu Tao’s – she’s adventurous and well-read, and actually moonlights as a famous poet.
You are Keqing!

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A human’s life is like a ship at sea – to abandon one’s control and let the currents dictate the course is the height of illogic. Keqing certainly thinks so, and she has dedicated her life to steer Liyue towards a continuous path of progress, never depending on the gods. She lets nothing deter her from her responsibilities, and will work to the bone until the job is done. These qualities make her intimidating to many, although she actually cares a lot for her companions.
You are Yae Miko!

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Easy-going, mischievous and subtly threatening – what else would you expect from a kitsune? Yae Miko is deceptively intelligent, reading people like books and secretly leading them into her convoluted schemes. Although she delights in toying with everyone’s emotions, she has a sentimental side which only her closest friends know about.

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About our Genshin Impact Character Personality Quiz

Few games have caught on like wildfire this decade than Genshin Impact. Whether you’ve played this expansive RPG on PC, the Nintendo Switch, or another video game console, you’ve likely spent hundreds of hours exploring the world of Teyvat and interacting with many kinds of interesting characters.

Indeed, for all of the awe-inspiring scenery and fantasy that Teyvat has to offer, it’s Genshin’s characters that really bring magic into the gaming experience. They create a world that’s thriving with unfinished stories and untold secrets, and take part in conflicts that are thousands of years in the making.

The game lets you make a posse of different characters to accompany the Traveler, chipping in to your adventure with their unique specialties. Some, like Venti and Ganyu, can sweep you up with a gust of wind or freeze water to let you explore new areas. Each character can also teach you how to cook their favourite meals, since no band of adventurers can do missions on an empty stomach.

Any player will eventually encounter a couple of characters in the game whose lifestyle, aesthetic, habits, or behaviors appeal to them. With this quiz, we’re here to help you simplify the process for determining – “Which Genshin Impact character are you?”

Teyvat and its Nations – Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and the Rest

The continent of Teyvat – yes, the name only refers to the one continent under the Archons’ control – currently contains seven nations, with three available for players to explore.

Shaped by the conflicts of gods generations ago, and coursing with the power of the elements, Teyvat is rife with uncertain peace and pockets of civilization surrounded by wild lands.

When the Traveler first ventures out, they travel to Mondstadt. As you can guess, the region is loosely inspired by Germany, with its name literally translating to Moon City. The Knights of Favonius stands guard to protect this region from threats. Its people look up to the Anemo Archon.

Situated to the east, Liyue, with its productive harbour cities, forests, rivers and mountains, is bounded by a plentiful sea. A land of prosperity peopled by merchants and traders, Liyue and its businesses are governed by the Qixing. The people there revere the Geo Archon, Rex Lapis.

The island chain of Inazuma is alluring, but dangerous, with the nation closed off and an authoritarian regime under the implacable Raiden Shogun watching over its people. Its denizens swear allegiance to the Immortal Shogun, Baal, the Electro Archon.

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