Who’s Your Genshin Impact Boyfriend?

Exploring the world can get pretty lonely. If you don’t want your emergency food to drive you insane, odds are that you’re better off traveling with a companion. And if you’ve clicked on this quiz, you probably prefer the kind that can both fight alongside you and keep you warm on all those nights on the road.

Genshin Impact’s landscapes are already picturesque, but it just wouldn’t be the total experience without someone cute by your side, wouldn’t you agree? Someone off of which you can bounce your ideas and opinions, share exhilarating escapades, and possibly even eke out a comfortable existence.

And of course, on a more practical note, your ideal Genshin boyfriend might come with their own perks. You need a lot of things to brave Teyvat – ample gold, skilled and capable battle buddies, connections to powerful people… If you play your cards wisely, you could both have an easier time finishing the near-endless amount of quests the game has for you.

Who’s your Genshin Impact boyfriend? We’re running a special matchmaking service for you here - with unlimited pulls, free of charge - so take our test and find out!

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Genshin Impact Boyfriend Quiz


You prefer guys whose element is…

Which hair color appeals to you the most?

What are you looking for in a boyfriend?

Do you like guys who are enigmatic or upfront about who they are?

Which of these scents do you like most?

Which common male archetype in fiction attracts you the most?

You prefer guys whose height is…

Would you mind dating an immortal or long-lived character, so long as they were cute?

What is your primary love language?

What do you like doing during your free time?

Does money matter in a relationship?

Which of these characters is more interesting?

Do you prefer maturity or guys who act a tad childish?

Which trait do you prize the most in a boy?

What would count as bonus points for boyfriend material?

Who’s Your Genshin Impact Boyfriend?
Your Boyfriend is Diluc!

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You must have a vulnerability for stoic and responsible guys, or a crippling dependency to wine and alcohol… or both. Diluc himself is like a chilled red: he comes across as rather cold, he can be bitter, but when you’ve paid enough attention to his qualities, he’s rather sweet. With him beside you, we bet you’ll always feel safe and protected. Unless you’re a dirty Fatui sympathizer.
Your Boyfriend is Tartaglia!

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Isn’t Childe such a charming young man? You’d be forgiven for forgetting that he’s actually a fearsome and bloodthirsty Harbinger who views even his friends as nothing more than sparring partners to test his superior strength. But… judging by how attentively he looks after his younger siblings, if you could somehow meet him on his level and woo him with your own power, he might become one hell of a protective boyfriend for you.
Your Boyfriend is Zhongli!

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How can someone so sophisticated and cultured come across as so clueless when it comes to something as practical as money? For fellow Zhongli enjoyers like yourself, that’s part of his appeal. His perpetually tranquil attitude will likely rub off on you as you join him in sampling the finer things in life. And you’re likely erudite enough to enjoy his random lectures and commentaries, to boot. Just please… don’t let him manage your conjugal savings.
Your Boyfriend is Xiao!

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Accompanying Xiao makes you wonder about the last time when something made the poor lad smile. Perhaps you could be the cause of his next one. His coarse and guarded nature is a necessity due to how much violence and death he had to mete out over his long life, but all his closest supporters know that he has a very soft heart that you could ply with some almond tofu. Xiao could become a happier man with your empathy and care.
Your Boyfriend is Venti!

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Ah yes, do you want to stagger down the streets at five AM, bottle of wine in tow and arm-in-arm with this playful wastrel? And have that be the least eventful night in your week? Yeah, Venti is for you. He knows how to enjoy life, not only from creature comforts like wining and dining, but also from his deep love for art in all its forms. He would bounce off quite nicely with your own sophisticated, spontaneous and creative soul.

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About our Genshin Impact Boyfriend Personality Test

Genshin Impact is a gacha dating simulator where you slowly get to know cute guys and their backstories, and learn how to make them like you. You can cook and treat them to their favourite food or drink, have searching conversations with them, and occasionally take them out on adventures.

Oh, yeah, and I guess there’s the whole storyline with you as the Traveler and whatnot, and you can actually explore a wide open world that’s stocked with all sorts of secrets and wonders. Blah blah – if you’re taking this quiz, you’ve got a fixation on the boys of this game and you need to admit it.

Liking the best bois of Genshin Impact is no sin, though. They’re all fascinating and formidable in their own ways.

Who is your Genshin Impact boyfriend? Did you end up with your favourite male character? We hope so! Five-star characters deserve five-star people like you!


Why does Diluc hate the Knights?

Diluc is outspoken about his distaste of the Knights of Favonius, despite once being one of its most promising young members.

Once, when he was still a Knight, Diluc was caught in a vicious attack. His father Crepus tried to intervene, but in doing so his Delusion malfunctioned and killed him.

Grief-stricken and burdened by guilt, Diluc expected the Knights to bestow Crepus with honor and vindication for his sacrifice, but instead, the Knights ordered Diluc to keep the controversial cause of his father’s death a secret. This order, as well as the Knights’ overall failure to protect him and his loved ones, eventually disenfranchised Diluc.

This same disillusionment is also why Diluc and Kaeya have a strained relationship, despite Kaeya being his adoptive brother, as Kaeya is currently part of the Knights of Favonius.

Why did Childe join the Fatui?

From a very young age, Childe – a native of the freezing reaches of Snezhnaya – admired his land’s Archon, the Tsaritsa, and wished to serve her as a warrior.

Childe ran away from home at 14 and found himself in the Abyss dimension, where a mysterious Harbinger taught him how to fight. He eventually returned to Teyvat and pledged his services to the Fatui, where he later served in one of their banks.

Childe would eventually rise as the newest of the elite Harbingers as Tartaglia, although he is seen as an outsider and a sociopath by many. He actually holds some disdain over the Fatui’s nefarious plots, and the Harbingers, in turn, treat him with suspicion.

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  1. OMG I used my boyfriend's traits to help me fill in this quiz, and that's EXACTLY what I got (Everyone said my crush is almost exactly like Zhongli). He's really tall, he is rich but never brings money. He's really knowledgable, and he's pro at almost everything!!!

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