Who’s Your Tokyo Ghoul Boyfriend?

When the dark side of humanity collides with its monstrous counterpart, things can get pretty intense. If your boyfriend were to be a Ghoul, you’d experience life entirely differently.

Ghouls are mysterious, aren’t they? They might have superhuman powers, but underneath that is a person who still has feelings and emotions, just like anyone else.

And if you’d like to be involved in the world of Ghouls? Then, wouldn’t that make you two one hell of an unstoppable team? With your heightened senses and his supernatural powers, the two of you could take on monstrous powers and stand victorious at the end.

Who would be your Tokyo Ghoul boyfriend? Come, let us divine your ideal match – take this personality quiz and find out!

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Tokyo Ghoul Boyfriend Test


How do you like to spend your free time?

What is your preferred weapon of choice?

How do you handle difficult situations?

How do you feel about humans?

How do you feel about ghouls?

How do you see yourself in the future?

How do you react to injustice?

How do you feel about love and relationships?

What is your opinion on loyalty?

How do you view the world and the people around you?

How do you see yourself in a group?

How do you handle emotional pain and trauma?

How do you feel about authority and rules?

Who’s Your Tokyo Ghoul Boyfriend?
Your Boyfriend is Kaneki Ken!

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If you’re looking for a boyfriend who will stick by you through thick and thin, then Kaneki Ken is your man! This character has been through more than his share of tough times, but he never stops striving to become stronger and better. He's loyal to his friends and never gives up on those he loves. Plus, his interest in books makes him great company for a long night in spent reading together.
Your Boyfriend is Amon Kōtarō!

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Amon Kōtarō is the perfect boyfriend for those who are looking for someone a bit more daring. He’s brave, confident and never shies away from danger. His strong sense of justice and his willingness to protect those he cares about make him a great companion in any situation. Plus, his wry sense of humor means you’ll never be bored around him.
Your Boyfriend is Shuu Tsukiyama!

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Shuu Tsukiyama is the perfect boyfriend for those who are looking for someone with a bit of mystery and sophistication. His refined tastes in art, music, and literature make him great company when you’re looking to experience something new. Plus, his flirtatious nature and romantic gestures will make sure you never feel neglected.
Your Boyfriend is Nishiki Nishio!

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Nishiki Nishio is the perfect boyfriend for those who are looking for someone who is dependable and loyal. He’s a silent type who rarely expresses his feelings, but he always has your back in a fight and will go to any lengths to protect you. Plus, his extensive knowledge of the underground world makes him an ideal partner.

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About our Tokyo Ghoul Boyfriend Personality Quiz

Are you a fan of the hit anime and manga series Tokyo Ghoul? Have you ever wondered which character from the series would make the perfect partner for you? Well, wonder no more! This personality quiz will help you discover which Tokyo Ghoul character is your perfect match.

Tokyo Ghoul is a thrilling story about a world where humans coexist with flesh-eating ghouls. These creatures must feed on human flesh to survive, leading to a tense and dangerous relationship between the two species. The series follows the story of Kaneki Ken, a young man who becomes a ghoul after encountering one of these creatures. As he navigates this new and dangerous world, Kaneki meets a variety of other ghouls and humans, each with their unique personalities and characteristics.

So which Tokyo Ghoul character is your ideal partner? Are you drawn to the quiet and mysterious Kaneki, or do you prefer the clever and resourceful Nishiki? Whatever your type, this quiz will help you determine which Tokyo Ghoul character is the perfect match for you.

To get started, answer a series of questions about your personality and interests. The quiz will use your responses to determine which Tokyo Ghoul character best fits your personality and interests. So don’t wait any longer – take the quiz and find out who your Tokyo Ghoul boyfriend is today!

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