Who's Your Stray Kids Boyfriend?

Get ready for the most exhilarating K-Pop adventure of your life! Prepare to unlock the mysteries of their hearts and unveil the quirks, charm, and humor that make these talented stars simply irresistible.

Are you destined to create show-stopping choreography with Lee Know, or will you be swooning to the sweet serenades of I.N? Perhaps you'll find yourself laughing uncontrollably with Han's witty banter, or exploring uncharted territories alongside the ever-energetic Bang Chan. Will you indulge in Felix's quirky culinary creations or conquer the rap world with Changbin by your side? The possibilities are endless!

It's time to ignite your inner "Stay" spirit and embark on a heart-racing journey to discover the Stray Kids member who's perfectly in tune with your soul. So, put on your dancing shoes and turn up the volume—your Stray Kids love story is about to begin!

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Stray Kids Soulmate Quiz


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Who's Your Stray Kids Boyfriend?
Your Boyfriend is Bang Chan!

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Congratulations! Your Stray Kids boyfriend is Bang Chan, the charismatic and playful leader. He's a great listener and always ready to lend an ear, even if he's "Chan-fused" sometimes. With his never-ending energy and dad jokes, he'll keep you smiling and laughing. However, his dedication to the group and music production might cause him to lose track of time. But don't worry, he'll make up for it with a surprise midnight snack and a warm hug!
Your Boyfriend is Lee Know!

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Your Stray Kids boyfriend is Lee Know, the cat-loving, multi-talented dancer. With his smooth moves, he's sure to sweep you off your feet—literally! He's got a quirky sense of humor that may leave you wondering if he's serious or not. His caring nature and loyalty might make you feel like you've won the lottery, but beware: his love for cats might turn your home into a feline paradise. Prepare to share your space with his furry friends!
Your Boyfriend is Changbin!

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Say hello to your Stray Kids boyfriend, Changbin, the passionate rapper with a heart of gold. His intense stage presence may give off a tough vibe, but deep down, he's a caring and supportive partner. Changbin might get a little "Chang-bit" competitive sometimes, but it's all in good fun. Just make sure you're ready to challenge him in a rap battle and don't forget to cheer him on as he shows off his muscles!
Your Boyfriend is Hyunjin!

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Your Stray Kids boyfriend is Hyunjin, the visual prince with a flair for the dramatic. His stunning looks and elegant dance moves will make your heart race, but don't be fooled by his "Hyun-timidating" appearance. He's actually a sensitive and empathetic soul who loves to express himself through art. However, his perfectionist tendencies might make him a bit moody at times. Just remind him that it's okay to be imperfect, and he'll appreciate your support.
Your Boyfriend is Han!

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Meet your Stray Kids boyfriend, Han, the talented rapper, singer, and producer with a wicked sense of humor. His infectious laughter and witty jokes will leave you in stitches, but watch out—he's a master of puns and wordplay! Han's adventurous spirit and love for music will lead you on exciting journeys. Just be prepared for the occasional mood swing, but don't worry, a good cuddle session will have him back to his cheerful self.
Your Boyfriend is Felix!

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Say "g'day" to your Stray Kids boyfriend, Felix, the charming Australian dancer and rapper with a voice deeper than the ocean. His warm heart and contagious smile will brighten even the darkest days. Felix's love for cooking will have you indulging in delicious treats, but you might need to get used to his quirky taste in food combinations. Just remember, love is like Vegemite: it's an acquired taste, but once you're hooked, there's no going back!
Your Boyfriend is Seungmin!

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Your Stray Kids boyfriend is Seungmin, the sweet and reliable vocalist with a voice that can melt even the coldest heart. His thoughtfulness and intelligence make him the perfect partner for deep conversations and cozy moments. Be warned, though: Seungmin's competitive side might unleash the "Seung-minja" within during game nights. Embrace it, and you'll find a love as strong as his high notes!
Your Boyfriend is I.N!

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Congratulations, your Stray Kids boyfriend is I.N, the adorable and charming maknae with a golden voice and a heart to match. His youthful enthusiasm and genuine kindness will make every day feel like a new adventure. I.N's love for animals, especially squirrels, will turn your life into a Disney movie, with woodland creatures as your supporting cast. But beware, his mischievous side might lead to a few playful pranks, so keep your eyes peeled! Through all the fun and laughter, you'll discover that love with I.N is as sweet as his angelic voice.

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About our Stray Kids Boyfriend Personality Quiz

Stray Kids, the phenomenal K-Pop group, has captured hearts worldwide with their incredible talent, distinct personalities, and undeniable charm. This quiz is designed to delve deep into the romantic side of these eight captivating members, exploring their unique love personalities and how they align with your own.

Each Stray Kids member brings something special to the table, from Bang Chan's dedicated and caring nature to Lee Know's quirky sense of humor and affinity for cats. Changbin's competitive spirit and heart of gold make him a passionate partner, while Hyunjin's empathetic soul and artistic flair make him a sensitive and understanding companion. Han's adventurous spirit and infectious laughter are sure to keep things lively, while Felix's culinary skills and charming smile can warm even the coldest heart.

Seungmin's thoughtfulness and intelligence make him the ideal partner for deep conversations, while I.N's tender embraces and love for nature ensure that every moment spent together feels magical. This quiz goes beyond the stage, shining a light on each member's romantic tendencies, and revealing the Stray Kids member whose love personality resonates most with your own.

By answering a series of fun and engaging questions, you'll embark on a journey through the Stray Kids universe, uncovering the unique traits and quirks that make each member's love personality stand out. So, dive into the world of Stray Kids, and let this quiz lead you to the member who's the perfect match for your heart.


Which Stray Kids members are from Australia?

Bang Chan and Felix are both from Australia. Bang Chan was born in Sydney, while Felix was born in Sydney as well but raised in a small town called "Lidcombe."

How did Changbin get into rapping?

Changbin became interested in rapping after listening to Eminem and G-Dragon. He later joined JYP Entertainment as a trainee and honed his rapping skills before debuting with Stray Kids.

Who is known for their cooking skills in Stray Kids?

Han and Felix have both shown their cooking skills in a video series called "Two Kids Room" on Stray Kids' YouTube channel. Han has made dishes such as spaghetti carbonara and kimchi fried rice, while Felix has cooked Korean fried chicken and stir-fried noodles.

Bang Chan has also demonstrated his cooking skills on a live broadcast, where he cooked a dish called "Kimchi Stew" for his fans.

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