This One Piece Trivia Quiz is Real! Can You Get Much Smarter?

One Piece is a behemoth of a series. It would take a special breed of pirate-lover to keep track of even a tiny percentage of what’s been happening in the lore since 1997.

Yeah, let’s address the elephant in the room. The One Piece franchise is gargantuan; how much do you honestly know about the manga and the show? Could you consider yourself one of the die-hard fans who have been following along with the Straw Hat Pirates’ misadventures for decades? Are you so diligent that you’re actually up-to-date with the story?

Arc after arc, we’ve seen Luffy’s gradual rise from some wide-eyed kid suffering from the hilariously insane training regimen of his grandfather to becoming an actual Great Pirate. The gang’s changed, expanded and matured in their own distinct ways. They’ve dealt with cyborg soldiers, the reanimated corpses of the dead, and actual bloody dinosaurs!

This is it – the One Piece trivia quiz that will certify you as a true-blue buccaneer of the seas. Have you the memory to get every little detail right, and prove you’re smart enough to be a Captain of your own pirate crew? Take the quiz and find out!

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One Piece Trivia Quiz


Which character is not paired with their favourite food?

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Who is Luffy’s original Japanese voice actor?

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Which kind of Devil Fruit transforms its users into animalistic forms?

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The main villain of One Piece Film: Red is Uta. What does her name mean in Japanese?

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The Thousand Sunny’s lion figurehead is often mistaken for a…

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Due to Luffy’s horrible drawing skills, who drew the Straw Hat Pirates’ logo?

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During his debut arc, what did Sanji first feed Gin?

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According to a talk with Luffy’s VA, series creator Oda wants which character to always be the weakest Straw Hat Pirate?

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When did the first episode of One Piece air?

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Who escaped Impel Down by cutting off his legs?

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Which Straw Hat Pirate did Oda originally want to call “Naruto?”

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Who is the only character who wasn’t invited into the Straw Hat Pirates?

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The Devil Fruit that Sanji wants to eat confers the power of…

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Before the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami was originally a member of the…

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The song used in the “One Piece Is Real” meme comes from…

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The One Piece Trivia Quiz is Real! Can You Get Much Smarter?
Sixth Emperor of the Sea

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Every ship in the sea should be on guard: here comes a new Great Pirate to plague the Grand Line! Your experience and knowledge with the world of One Piece is comparable to that of the O.G. Four Emperors, and it’s clear that you’ve been a devoted fan of Luffy and his crew throughout most, if not all of their adventures. Shichibukai weep at the mention of your name. The World Government would run bankrupt trying to set your bounty. Well done!

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As a distinguished One Piece enjoyer, you’re a cut above the rest when it comes to paying attention to the lore and the plot. The franchise likely holds a special, salty place in your heart. You have the knowledge and the guile to be a formidable presence in the open seas; so much so that, with your dedication, you could probably liberate an island country, beat up a Shichibukai, or force other Pirate crews to flee at the mere sight of your ship. In time, you might become an Emperor of the Sea yourself!
Four Blues Beginner

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Although you’re still rather wet behind the ears, you already have the makings of a good and attentive pirate. You’re likely a casual fan, or even somebody whose die-hard One Piece friends have gaslighted… erm, we mean, convinced to start watching this insanely long series. It’s hard not to fall in love with the story and characters over time, though, so you might get better and better at this quiz as you continue sailing with the Straw Hat Pirates.

About our One Piece Trivia Quiz

One Piece is gargantuan. Most mortals who aren’t part of the fandom at this point would shudder to begin following the series, but that’s part of the appeal. Due to its sheer volume, there’s a palatable morsel in its content for any taste.

A carefree and adventurous life on the open seas would be quite welcome in this cooped-up day and age, and the show portrays the joys and terrors of being a pirate extremely well. You get to explore a vast and fascinating world, beat up other buccaneers and survey sky, land and sea to seize the most precious of booty for your own.

Of course, it’s all fun and games until you reach the eerily still waters of the Calm Belt, where no wind nor waves are present to move your ship along. In such a place, unbeknownst to you, ancient terrors lurking beneath the sea’s surface are sizing you up and waiting to make their move.

In this way, One Piece hits home a real-world nugget of wisdom: when you’re in the open ocean, you cease to be anywhere near the top of the food chain.

How well do you know this series’ facts and little details? Can you prove you’re the apex predator of Straw Hat lore? Take our One Piece trivia quiz and find out!


How did Luffy get his scars?

No Luffy cosplayer would be complete without the Great Pirate’s iconic scars. For all his boyish charm, those marks remind the viewer that Monkey D. Luffy is a hard lad.

Luffy’s first scar is the one stitched below his left eye. He actually inflicted this scar himself as a child to prove a point to Shanks that he was courageous and willing enough to be a true pirate.

The X-shaped chest scar looks more like a burn mark, and that’s because it is – the scar came from a magma punch Luffy sustained from Akunai during the Marineford Arc.

Who is the best navigator in One Piece?

Without a competent navigator, a pirate crew would quickly become a group of unfortunate souls consigned to the capricious whims of the ocean. They chart the course, make sense of maps, and point the ship to the right direction.

The fans’ consensus asserts that Nami is definitely the best navigator in the show right now, by a sizable margin ever since the time skip. Nami is a consummate bookworm who has read about ship navigation, map-making, reading and predicting weather, and world geography.

Other commendable navigators are Bepo, Koby and Laffitte.

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