Which One Piece Pirate Crew Would You Join?

Have you ever daydreamed about swashbuckling pirates, mysterious treasures, and epic sea battles?

Well, batten down the hatches, because it's time to find out which One Piece pirate crew is your destiny! Are you a brave and slightly reckless soul like the Straw Hat Pirates, always ready for an adventure, even if it means diving headfirst into chaos? Perhaps you're more of a strategic mind, like the Heart Pirates, where every move is a calculated step in your grand plan (and occasionally tripping over your own genius).

Or maybe, just maybe, you're the life of the party, a charismatic soul who can talk their way out of (or into) any situation—Red Hair Pirates style. But wait, there's a chance you're all about loyalty and the finer things in life, where treasures and friendships are equally valuable, just like the famed Whitebeard Pirates.

In this quiz, you'll navigate through a sea of questions that delve into your personality's deepest waters. By the end, you'll discover your One Piece pirate crew – a group of characters whose quirks, qualities, and maybe even their love for impromptu musical numbers, resonate with your very soul.

So, grab your compass, hoist the sails, and let's embark on this thrilling quest!

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One Piece Crew Quiz


Which Devil Fruit power appeals to you the most?

What role would you prefer on a pirate ship?

Who from the One Piece universe do you admire the most?

How do you handle conflict?

Which island would you most like to visit?

What's your treasure?

Choose a sea creature that best represents you:

What motivates you to be a pirate?

Choose a motto that resonates with you:

If you were to celebrate a victory, how would you do it?

Which One Piece Pirate Crew Would You Join?
You Belong to the Straw Hat Pirates!

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Your adventurous spirit and unwavering determination have made you a perfect fit for the Straw Hat Pirates. Like Luffy, you're someone who values freedom above all else and isn't afraid to stand up against any challenge. Your optimism and bravery are your greatest strengths, but sometimes, you might find yourself diving headfirst into trouble without thinking things through (like charging into a Marine base because you smelled something tasty). Your crew members love your infectious energy, even when your 'brilliant' ideas are just short of... well, brilliant. Together with your Straw Hat crew, you'll sail towards the Grand Line, seeking adventure and the true meaning of freedom – just remember to read the map right-side-up!
You Belong to the Heart Pirates!

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Your analytical mind and calm demeanor make you an ideal member of the Heart Pirates. Like Trafalgar Law, you're a master strategist who prefers to think several steps ahead. Your crewmates rely on your wisdom, especially when plans get overly ambitious (like deciding to sail through a storm because it's a 'shortcut'). While your intelligence is unmatched, you might sometimes get lost in your thoughts, overthinking even the simplest decisions (like spending hours choosing the perfect pirate flag design). But fear not, with your strategic approach and the Heart Pirates' resources, you're set to navigate the most treacherous waters and uncover the mysteries of the One Piece world – just try not to overanalyze the menu at the next pirate tavern.
You Belong to the Red Hair Pirates!

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Your charisma and love for peace align you with the Red Hair Pirates. Like Shanks, you possess a magnetic personality and a knack for resolving conflicts without resorting to violence (unless someone spills your drink – that's a different story). Your crew values your ability to bring everyone together, though your peacekeeping efforts might occasionally turn into impromptu parties that last for days. While you're a skilled diplomat, your laid-back attitude can sometimes be mistaken for laziness (like when you delegate 'navigating' to a sleeping crew member). Sailing with the Red Hair Pirates, you'll find a family that cherishes camaraderie and the occasional party – just remember, a good pirate also knows when to set sail!
You Belong to the Whitebeard Pirates!

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Your loyalty and love for the finer things in life make you a prime crew member of the Whitebeard Pirates. Like Whitebeard himself, you value strength, honor, and a good treasure hunt (though you're more likely to get distracted by shiny objects along the way). Your crewmates admire your steadfastness and your ability to lift spirits, especially during long voyages (even if your sea shanties are slightly off-key). While your quest for treasure is commendable, you might sometimes forget that the greatest treasure is the journey itself (and the friends who can't read maps). As a member of the Whitebeard Pirates, you're destined for epic adventures and legendary battles – just don't forget to share the loot, or at least the fun stories.

About our One Piece Personality Crew Test

One Piece, a world of boundless oceans, mysterious islands, and epic adventures, is home to numerous pirate crews, each with its unique characteristics, philosophies, and legends. This quiz is designed to guide you through a thrilling exploration of your personality, aligning you with one of the renowned crews from this rich universe. Here, we celebrate not just the crews featured in the quiz, but the diversity and uniqueness of all the pirate bands that sail the Grand Line and beyond.

  • Straw Hat Pirates: Led by the iconic Monkey D. Luffy, this crew is known for its members' deep bonds, unyielding determination, and a shared dream of adventure. They embody the spirit of freedom and the pursuit of dreams against all odds.
  • Heart Pirates: Under the calm and calculated Trafalgar Law, the Heart Pirates are distinguished by their strategic approach to challenges and their emphasis on intelligence and planning.
  • Red Hair Pirates: Led by the charismatic Shanks, this crew is known for its balanced approach to the pirate life, often avoiding unnecessary conflicts and valuing strong bonds and camaraderie.
  • Whitebeard Pirates: Commanded by the legendary Whitebeard, this crew is revered for its strength, loyalty, and a sense of family among its members. They stand as a symbol of power and protection in the One Piece world.
  • Blackbeard Pirates: Marked by ambition and the pursuit of power, Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard) and his crew are known for challenging the status quo and shaking the foundations of the world.
  • Big Mom Pirates: Ruled by the fearsome Charlotte Linlin (Big Mom), this crew is a unique blend of family and fearsome power, with a deep involvement in the political and underworld landscapes.
  • Revolutionary Army: Although not pirates, this group led by Monkey D. Dragon stands against the World Government, fighting for freedom and justice, embodying rebellion and change.

Each crew in the One Piece universe brings its flavor to the adventurous world, representing different aspects of pirate life and differing philosophies. This quiz is your gateway to discovering which of these fascinating crews resonates with your personality. Whether you value freedom, knowledge, peace, or power, there's a crew waiting for you. So, set sail on this adventure of self-discovery and find out where in the vast, adventurous world of One Piece you truly belong!

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