Which BLACKPINK Member Are You?

Could you naturally pass off as one of these talented girls? Are you their secret protégé who hasn’t been spotted yet?

How much would you give to be in your favourite BLACKPINK member’s spot for a day? Wait, no – that’s a rhetorical question. We’re not looking to take your soul or anything… But the point is, they’re pretty admirable people, and you wouldn’t be derided for emulating them in real life. Which one resonates with your own style the most?

It takes a special type of artist to reach the top of the music industry – not only in their country, but across the whole world. And there’s four of them in the band alone. That level of creative passion, dedication and pure skill in setting crowds on fire is something plenty of us can aspire towards as well.

Which BLACKPINK member are you? Better find out before you strut on stage tonight! (Cope.)

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For you, giving emotional support to a friend involves…

What makes you memorable to strangers?

How do you respond to difficult challenges?

People have described you as…

In public, your fashion sense can be considered…

A gift is most special when it’s…

Your typical role in the friend group is...

Apart from being a K-pop idol, you’d also like to take up…

On a scale of 1-4, how competitive are you?

What is your primary strategy during an argument?

Are you comfortable being alone?

What makes you stand out as a friend?

What’s one major fear that somehow keeps you motivated?

Which carnival attraction would you try first?

How would you solve global warming?

Which BLACKPINK Member Are You?
You are Jennie!

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You might have historically been shy throughout your childhood, and grew up somewhat aloof – plus points if you’ve ever been described as icy, distant or even a tad rude. Although you’re socially timid, you’re deeply committed to your personal pursuits and work to the bone. Just like Jennie, you’re always quietly getting things done without making a lot of fuss.
You are Jisoo!

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Finally, someone who shares Jisoo’s 4D-thinking ability! You’re a spontaneous soul with a sense of humor others may find distinct. You’re rather comfortable with taking opinions or stances that others might not even consider, and finding unorthodox solutions to all sorts of problems. Although you can be considered “out there,” your genuine nature makes you easy to get along with.
You are Lisa!

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Every friend group needs someone like you and Lisa – bright, genuine, full of infectious energy, and brimming with ideas on how to have fun. Your kindness is soul-deep, and you tend to be the one who reaches out to people first, drawing upon your well-calibrated magnetic charm. Your powers of persuasion and outgoing vibe make you a natural leader and advocate.
You are Rosé!

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You’re the type who’s very tender and affectionate, and just as sensitive, with a keen degree of emotional intelligence, to boot. You’re well-intentioned and people-oriented, with a special sense of duty towards the people whom you deem as your family and closest friends. When responsibility calls, you tend to be the first in and last out, giving it all you’ve got until the task is done or someone has to pry you away from it.

About our BLACKPINK Personality Test

Breaking the mold is BLACKPINK’s bread and butter. Each time they bust out a new hit, they redefine what it means to be a modern-day K-pop girl group, combining a sweet and traditionally feminine flair with a fiercer and bolder style that sets them apart from other “cutesy” bands.

Springing from YG Entertainment in 2016, their music and shows have enamored millions worldwide like the spiced scent of freshly-baked cakes indoors. With such popularity comes a special type of influence, and the girls today are a whole lot more apart from being multi-talented performers; they’re also avid spokespersons – both for extravagant sponsors and advocacy groups.

To reach the caliber of professional star power that the BLACKPINK girls have reached is no easy task, but we think that, if you’re a fan of the band, you’re also harboring a deep and hidden reserve of such talent as well.

Which BLACKPINK member are you? Your result might reflect your own star power potential!


What are Jisoo’s favourite foods?

Jisoo has a particular liking for all things spicy, such as chili cold noodles and hot dipping sauces, as well as chicken and, for dessert, chocolate. She also appreciates rice as a versatile dish that matches well with plenty of other foods. Her favourite fruit, on the other hand, is a serving of juicy strawberries. For beverages, Jisoo mostly prefers iced Americano, or ice chocolates if she’s ordering from Starbucks.

What is each BLACKPINK member’s MBTI personality?

The girls’ reports on their MBTI have shifted a bit over time, although the most prevalent results type Jennie as a Virtuoso (ISTP), which is quite on-the-mark with Jen’s ruthlessly independent and free-thinking nature. 

Rosé also has an introvert type, Adventurer (ISFP), due to her down-to-earth, comforting and understanding persona.

Meanwhile, Lisa meshes well with being a Campaigner (ENFP) for obvious reasons – she’s outgoing, energetic, charismatic and easily reaches out to others.

Jisoo is another extrovert type, the Protagonist (ENFJ), as she is genuinely warm and loving, people-focused, and attentive. 

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