Which 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Character Are You?

In this personality quiz, you are going to find out which Avatar character you truly are!

The Last Airbender was a totally special show. While it premiered on Nickelodeon, which is ostensibly a television network for children, the show managed to build a popularity that lifted it above all of its network peers. The show is regarded one of the best animated series of all time, and few have succeeded, among many shows have tried to live up to that legacy since then. Every detail is worthwhile poring over for many of the show's most passionate fans. Avatar: The Last Airbender is just the kind of show that has inspired its fans with an insane amount of zeal.

This quiz is for the most devoted fans of the show. It's for those who know Avatar backwards and forward, and from Aang to Momo, they can name any character. It's opportunity to figure out if that kind of fan is you.

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Which Avatar Character Are You?


Who's your favorite duo?

What type of bender would you be?

A stranger comes to you in panic and tells you that some Fire Nation soldiers have attacked their village. He begs you to help them. What would you do?

What is the most important thing for you?

Which one of these 4 Avatar animals would you like to have on a daily basis?

Do you consider yourself shy or outgoing?

Are you a believer in violence as a problem-solver or more of a pacifist?

When the war will be over, how do you plan to live your life?

What's your favorite food?

Which “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Character Are You?
You are Aang!

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You are used to carrying the world on your shoulders and sometimes you forget that you don't have to deal with all the issues by yourself. You know how to enjoy the life and you are a true enthusiast, but as soon as times get rough, you are ready to take action!
You are Katara!

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You're gentle, but you don't let yourself be pushed around. You have a strong motivation and desire to see your buddies succeed. Simply because you're nice doesn't necessarily imply that your strength isn't as amazing as your friends!
You are Toph!

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You are often underestimated by others, but you always succeed in making them realize that they are wrong. Sometimes you can be a little harsh around the edges and have trouble showing your attachment, but you care a lot about your loved ones.
You are Zuko!

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You are obstinate and occasionally your temperament gets out of hand, but you always work hard to fix your mistakes. You have a lot to offer people, but it may take a while before they realize and value how special you really are.
You are Sokka!

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You're a prankster that most people don't take too seriously, but you have your own strengths, even if they are different from the others. You make those around you laugh, but sometimes a lack of self-confidence can interfere.

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About Our 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Character Personality Quiz

Whether you're a new fan watching the series or an old fan who finds this quiz for the first time, you'll have fun either way. It still raises the question, obviously, "which character do I and my friends like the most"? While it's easy to tell them which element, if they were part of this universe, they would be able to bend completely, it's much harder to discern which character they would really be. But today it has become simple by answering our character personality quiz.

Usually, you look more like Suki and Katara when you take a quiz. You have a lot of heart, and you are the most trustworthy person in the group. You like to plan things out and make sure everyone is ready for the next challenge. You are very protective of your loved ones, like Suki and Katara.

Sometimes, you are more like Toph and Sokka. You have a tough exterior, but inside you are very soft. Even if you don't have a big project yet, you are not afraid to face things head on. You are not ready to let yourself go down without a fight and you are ready to prove yourself at any time.

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