Who's Your Wednesday Boyfriend?

Welcome to the delightfully dark and whimsically twisted world of Wednesday Addams, where the peculiar is celebrated, and the normal is, well, utterly boring.

Ever wondered which of Wednesday's intriguing circle of acquaintances would be your perfect eerie match? It's time to delve into the shadows and find out!

Are you drawn to the mysterious allure of Ajax, a man shrouded in secrets as deep as the tombs he adores exploring? Or perhaps the charismatic Xavier, whose telekinetic talents are only matched by his enigmatic charm? Maybe you're more suited to the adventurous Tyler, a ghost-hunting heartthrob who loves a good scare as much as a good laugh. Or could it be Eugene, the adorably awkward brainiac whose love for science is as explosive as his experiments?

Take this quiz and uncover which of these eerie beaus is your ultimate Wednesday Addams match. Remember, in the world of the Addams, it's less about finding someone normal and more about finding someone whose brand of bizarre harmonizes with your own. So, let's raise the curtain on this macabre match-making adventure - your Wednesday Addams boyfriend awaits!

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Wednesday Boyfriend Quiz


What's your ideal spooky activity?

Choose a trait that you find most appealing in a partner:

Your ideal date would be:

What's your favorite genre of movie to watch together?

If you could have one supernatural ability, what would it be?

Choose a favorite accessory:

What's your ideal way to communicate?

What's your philosophy on life?

If you could have a famous mentor, who would it be?

Who's Your Wednesday Boyfriend?
Your Boyfriend is Ajax!

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Just like him, you're drawn to the enigmatic and unknown. You're the type who reads the last page of a mystery novel first, because who has the patience for suspense? Together, you and Ajax are like two lost souls wandering in an ancient crypt, except you're probably arguing over which way is north. Ajax's deeply introspective nature matches your tendency to overthink. You'll spend hours discussing whether mummies prefer Egyptian cotton sheets. Be prepared for dates that involve more history than romance, and remember, candlelit dinners are great unless you're trying to read hieroglyphics. But watch out, your combined love for mystery might mean you'll forget trivial things like anniversaries... or each other's names.
Your Boyfriend is Xavier!

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Just like Xavier, you have a flair for the dramatic and love delving into the depths of the mind. You're the kind of person who tries to move things with your mind when no one is looking. Spoiler: It doesn’t work... yet. Your dates with Xavier might involve practicing telekinesis or discussing whether telepathy is an acceptable way to eavesdrop. With both of you being deep thinkers, be prepared for debates that last longer than most TV series. And don't be surprised if he knows what you're thinking; he's just that good... or maybe you're just that predictable. Together, you might forget to focus on the real world. Bills? Responsibilities? They can wait; you're busy exploring the universe's mysteries.
Your Boyfriend is Tyler!

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You and Tyler, with your love for the supernatural and the unknown, are like two ghost hunters always ready for a scare. You're the type who hears a noise in the night and instead of hiding under the covers, you're the first to grab a flashlight... or a frying pan. Your dates are never dull, filled with haunted house tours and sharing spooky stories, where you both try to outdo each other's level of horror. However, be careful not to get too carried away. Remember, it's all fun and games until someone accidentally summons a spirit. And let's be honest, your combined bravery might actually just be terrible decision-making in disguise. But hey, at least it's never boring!
Your Boyfriend is Eugene!

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Like him, you're a bit of a nerd at heart and find joy in the peculiar and unusual. You're the type who gets excited about science fairs more than football games and has a weird collection of something... let's not go into details. With Eugene, expect your dates to be unconventional. You might find yourselves at a robot battle competition or trying to create the next big invention in his garage. And yes, there will be explosions – both of laughter and possibly chemicals. Your conversations might be filled with more technical jargon than a NASA launch, and you'll have debates over which superhero has the most scientifically plausible powers. Just remember, not everyone appreciates a detailed explanation of quantum physics at a dinner party. Together, you might be more awkward than a giraffe on roller skates, but at least you're awkward together. And who needs smooth moves when you've got science?

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About our Wednesday Addams Boyfriend Personality Quiz

Dive into the quirky and gothic world of Wednesday Addams with this unique personality quiz. This experience is crafted for both admirers of the Addams Family and newcomers, offering a glimpse into the unconventional romance of Wednesday's universe.

In a setting where the peculiar is celebrated, and the macabre is charming, love takes on an entirely different hue. Characters like the mysterious Ajax, the psychic Xavier, the daring Tyler, and the inventive Eugene, each bring their own eccentric flavor to the potential romantic mix.

This quiz is designed to match your personality with one of these distinctive characters. It's more than just shared interests; it's about pairing your quirks with theirs in a way that's delightfully unique. Whether you're familiar with the Addams Family or just exploring this darkly whimsical world, the quiz promises to be a fun and enlightening journey into a romance that's anything but ordinary.

Prepare to discover which of Wednesday's acquaintances could be your ideal match, where love is not just found in candlelight but also in the shadows of the Addams universe.

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