Which Keeper Of The Lost Cities Character Are You?

Step into the shimmering world of Keeper of the Lost Cities, where magic crackles in the air and adventure awaits around every corner! Are you ready to unlock the hidden depths of your personality and discover which character from this enchanting realm aligns with your essence?

In this mystical quiz, we're diving deeper than Everblaze to uncover the essence of your being. Whether you're as cunning as a mesmerized moonlark, as daring as a shadow-dancing shade, or as mischievous as a prank-pulling pyrokinetic, there's a character waiting to leap off the pages of this fantastical world and into your heart.

Join us on a journey where telepathic talents, shadowy secrets, witty banter, and ingenious inventions collide in a symphony of magical mischief. But beware, just like navigating the Forbidden Cities, each character comes with their own set of quirks, flaws, and heroic qualities that make them shine like a starstone in the night sky.

So, dust off your Elvin robes, grab your trusty goblet of ambrosium, and prepare to embark on a whimsical adventure where laughter, excitement, and a dash of chaos reign supreme. Are you ready to discover your mystical counterpart in the Keeper of the Lost Cities universe? Let the quest begin!

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KotLC Character Quiz


Choose a mythical creature as your sidekick:

What's your favorite type of magic?

Which character trait do you value most in a friend?

If you could visit any location in the Lost Cities, where would you go first?

What's your motto?

If you could possess any knowledge from the Forbidden Section of the Elvin Library, what would it be?

Which element resonates with you the most?

Which of these environments feels most like home to you?

Which Keeper Of The Lost Cities Character Are You?
You are Sophie Foster!

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You share a striking resemblance to Sophie Foster, the protagonist of Keeper of the Lost Cities. Like Sophie, you possess an insatiable curiosity and a thirst for exploration. You're not afraid to dive headfirst into unknown territories, whether they're physical or intellectual. Your adventurous spirit often leads you to uncover hidden truths and solve mysteries, just like Sophie's journey in the Lost Cities. However, like Sophie, your curiosity can sometimes lead you into sticky situations. Your eagerness to explore every nook and cranny might make you a bit impulsive at times. Remember to balance your thirst for adventure with a dash of caution, and you'll continue to shine as brightly as Sophie herself!
You are Fitz Vacker!

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Ah, the shadow-dweller! Much like Fitz Vacker, you possess a keen intellect and a knack for observing the world from a distance. Your ability to blend into the shadows and go unnoticed is both impressive and slightly unnerving (in a cool way, of course). Just like Fitz, you have a mysterious aura that draws others in, even if they can't quite put their finger on what makes you tick. However, your tendency to observe from afar can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation. Don't forget to step into the light every now and then and let your brilliance shine for all to see. Embrace your unique perspective, and you'll continue to intrigue and captivate those around you, just like Fitz!
You are Keefe Sencen!

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Well, well, well, look who we have here - a true mischief-maker! You share a lot in common with Keefe Sencen, the charming trickster of the Lost Cities. With your quick wit, irresistible charm, and mischievous streak, you have a talent for turning even the most mundane moments into unforgettable adventures. Much like Keefe, you thrive in social situations and have a knack for making people laugh. However, your mischievous tendencies can sometimes get you into trouble. Your love for stirring the pot and pushing boundaries can lead to unexpected consequences. Remember to temper your mischief with a dose of responsibility, and you'll continue to be the life of the party, just like Keefe himself!
You are Dex Dizznee!

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Ah, the creative genius! You bear a striking resemblance to Dex Dizznee, the inventive prodigy of the Lost Cities. With your resourcefulness, creativity, and knack for problem-solving, you have a talent for turning scraps into treasures and dreams into reality. Like Dex, you excel in finding innovative solutions to even the most daunting challenges, using your skills to help those around you. However, your dedication to your craft can sometimes lead to perfectionism. Remember to give yourself permission to make mistakes and embrace the messy, imperfect journey of creation. With your ingenuity and determination, you'll continue to dazzle and inspire those around you, just like Dex himself!

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About our KotLC Character Personality Quiz

In this captivating series penned by Shannon Messenger, readers are whisked away to a world where elves possess extraordinary abilities, mythical creatures roam freely, and secrets lurk around every corner.

Within the pages of this fantastical universe, we encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities, quirks, and powers. From the determined and curious Sophie Foster to the enigmatic and shadow-dwelling Fitz Vacker, every character brings something special to the table.

  • Sophie Foster: As the series protagonist, Sophie embodies bravery, curiosity, and a thirst for knowledge. Her journey of self-discovery leads her to uncover hidden truths about her past and the world around her.
  • Fitz Vacker: With his keen intellect and mysterious aura, Fitz is a master of observation and strategy. His ability to blend into the shadows and analyze situations from a distance makes him a formidable ally and a captivating character.
  • Keefe Sencen: Known for his quick wit, charm, and mischievous antics, Keefe adds a dose of humor and unpredictability to the series. Despite his playful exterior, Keefe harbors hidden depths and a fierce loyalty to his friends.
  • Dex Dizznee: The inventive prodigy of the group, Dex is a master of technology and innovation. His resourcefulness and creativity often come in handy when solving complex problems and navigating dangerous situations.

In this quiz, we aim to delve into the essence of your personality and uncover which character from the Keeper of the Lost Cities universe resonates with you the most. Whether you're drawn to adventure like Sophie, intrigue like Fitz, mischief like Keefe, or ingenuity like Dex, there's a character waiting to mirror your innermost self in this whimsical world of magic and mystery. So, embrace your inner elf, sharpen your telepathic skills, and get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery unlike any other!

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