Which ENHYPEN Member Are You?

Ever wondered if your spirit animal might actually be a K-pop star?

Well, you're in luck! Dive into the dazzling world of ENHYPEN and discover which member's personality matches yours. Whether you're the fashion-forward trendsetter or the life of the party with jokes that deserve their own fan club, this quiz has got you covered.

ENHYPEN isn't just about catchy tunes and killer dance moves; each member shines with unique traits, quirks, and, let's face it, some adorable flaws. Maybe you're like Jake, turning heads with your style (even if your pet doesn't seem impressed), or perhaps you resonate with Sunghoon, whose skincare routine is more complex than a Shakespearean play.

Are you the group's Jungwon, working so hard that even your coffee needs a coffee? Or are you Jay, spreading laughter and sunshine, and occasionally tripping over your own punchlines?

Answer some fun questions, and get ready to step into the stylish shoes (or maybe the comfy slippers) of an ENHYPEN member. Who knows, you might just be a K-pop soul twin!

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ENHYPEN Member Quiz


If you were a K-pop idol, what would be your favorite part?

What role do you often find yourself in group projects?

How would your friends describe you?

Choose a snack you'd most likely reach for:

What's your approach to problem-solving?

How do you react when you are under a lot of stress?

Pick a role you would most likely have in a K-pop group:

Pick a color that you feel most drawn to:

Which ENHYPEN Member Are You?
You're Jake!

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You're the fashion-forward, trendsetting member of your group, just like Jake. Your wardrobe probably screams 'high-fashion', even if your bank account quietly whispers 'please stop'. You have a creative mind, which means you're great at coming up with out-of-the-box ideas, even if some of them should probably stay in the box. You're expressive and not afraid to stand out, making you a natural star — or at least, the star of your own Instagram feed.
You're Jungwon!

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You're the hardworking, dedicated soul of the group, much like Jungwon. You're all about precision and perfection, which is great for nailing those dance moves, but maybe not so great when you're reorganizing your sock drawer for the third time this week. Your energy and commitment inspire those around you, even if it sometimes turns into a mini boot camp. Remember, it's okay to take a break sometimes – your sneakers won't feel abandoned, promise!
You're Jay!

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You're the life of the party and the mood-maker, just like Jay. Your humor and energy light up any room, and your laugh is probably louder than your thoughts. You're great at keeping spirits high, even if your jokes sometimes make people wonder if you missed your calling as a stand-up comedian (or maybe they're just being polite). Always ready with a witty comment, you bring joy and laughter, but remember, it's okay to let others get a word in edgewise... occasionally.
You're Sunghoon!

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Calm, collected, and thoughtful, you're the group's serene presence, much like Sunghoon. You're probably the go-to person for advice, and your skincare routine is likely more detailed than your life plan. Your thoughtful nature and attention to detail mean everything you do is done with care, though you might overthink which cereal to buy. Remember, it's great to be reflective, but not every decision is a life-changing one – sometimes, a cereal is just a cereal.

Other Quizzes About ENHYPEN

About our ENHYPEN Personality Quiz

Welcome to a journey into the heart of K-pop with ENHYPEN, where each member is a unique blend of talent, charisma, and, of course, a dash of delightful quirkiness. This quiz isn't just about finding your ENHYPEN twin; it's about celebrating the diversity and charm that each member brings to the group.

ENHYPEN: The Melting Pot of Personalities

Formed through the reality show "I-LAND," ENHYPEN is a group that's as diverse as it gets. Seven members, each with their own flair, come together to create music that's as captivating as their personalities. From Heeseung's caring leadership to Ni-ki's playful energy, there's a spectrum of traits that makes this group stand out in the vibrant world of K-pop.

Meet the Members

  • Heeseung: The unofficial 'big brother,' he's calm and nurturing, always there to lend an ear or a helping hand.
  • Jay: His boundless energy and humor light up any room – a true mood booster.
  • Jake: Fashion-forward and expressive, he's not just about looks; his depth and thoughtfulness shine through in everything he does.
  • Sunghoon: Graceful, both on the ice and off, he's the embodiment of 'cool, calm, and collected.'
  • Sunoo: Bright and cheerful, Sunoo is the human equivalent of a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day.
  • Jungwon: As the leader, he's the glue that holds the group together, with a mix of youthful energy and surprising wisdom.
  • Ni-ki: The youngest but overflowing with talent, his dancing speaks volumes, and so does his playful, mischievous side.

In this quiz, we've sprinkled in the essence of these vibrant personalities. Whether you're a natural leader like Jungwon, a style icon like Jake, a ray of sunshine like Sunoo, or a peacekeeper like Sunghoon, there's a piece of ENHYPEN in all of us.

The ENHYPEN Effect

They're more than just a boy band; they're storytellers, artists, and dreamers. Each member brings a unique color to the canvas of ENHYPEN, creating a masterpiece of music, performance, and personality.

So, as you dive into this quiz, remember: it's not just about who you're like; it's about embracing the diverse qualities that make ENHYPEN the phenomenal group it is. Get ready to laugh, reflect, and maybe even discover a new side of yourself.

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