Who's Your Blue Lock Boyfriend?

Ready to step onto the field and discover which Blue Lock character you're destined to play alongside? Prepare to lace up your cleats, show off your best footwork, and dive headfirst into this personality quiz, where the goal isn't just to score, but to find your ultimate teammate!

Whether you're the strategic playmaker, always one step ahead like Yoichi Isagi, or the fiery, unstoppable force akin to Meguru Bachira, this quiz will find your match! Perhaps you're a revolutionary strategist, willing to turn the tables just like Jinpachi Ego, or maybe you're the disciplined backbone of the team like Seishiro Nagi. Whatever your style, we've got a Blue Lock soulmate waiting in the wings (or rather, on the pitch).

Remember, no red cards or own goals here; it's all in good fun! So put on your game face, don't worry about extra time, and get ready to pass, dribble, and shoot your way through this quiz. Who knows, by the end, you might just find your perfect striker partner in this wild game of life.

Ready to kick off? Let's play!

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Blue Lock Boyfriend Quiz


What is your idea of a perfect date?

What trait do you value the most in yourself?

How do you usually celebrate a victory or success?

How do you handle defeat or failure?

What's your preferred style of play?

What's your spirit animal?

How would you support your partner in times of difficulty?

Which position on the field would you play?

If you were a superhero, what would your power be?

What is your love language?

How would you describe your personal style?

If you were a football coach, what would be your top priority?

Who's Your Blue Lock Boyfriend?
Your Boyfriend is Yoichi Isagi!

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With the analytical acumen of a grandmaster chess player and the adaptability of a Swiss Army knife, Yoichi's your guy. Just like him, you're always ready to change strategies on the fly or dive in for the game-winning goal. Sure, you might both tend to overthink things until your brain resembles a Gordian knot, but hey, it’s all part of your contemplative charm. Your biggest challenge as a pair? Deciding where to go for dinner might take an eternity with your mutual indecisiveness. Just remember: even if your dinner ends up being tomorrow's breakfast, you're in it together.
Your Boyfriend is Meguru Bachira!

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You’re all about that fiery, gung-ho spirit, just like your soulmate Meguru Bachira! When you both walk into a room, everyone knows it - mostly because Bachira probably kicked the door down. Your shared ambition and assertiveness would make a lion look lazy. But watch out! Your mutual fiery pride can lead to heated debates about who should have the last slice of pizza. Here's a tip: instead of wrestling over it, try turning it into a race - first one to the slice gets it!
Your Boyfriend is Jinpachi Ego!

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Well, look at you, the innovative genius paired with the mastermind of Blue Lock, Jinpachi Ego himself. Your shared passion for revolutionary ideas and boundary-pushing methods will keep your life full of surprises. Maybe today you'll invent a new way to tie shoelaces, or maybe Ego will revamp the concept of competitive football... again. Be careful though, as your avant-garde thinking might mean your living room occasionally resembles a mad scientist's lab. But remember, even if you accidentally create a robotic vacuum cleaner that sucks up all your furniture, at least you're breaking new ground together!
Your Boyfriend is Seishiro Nagi!

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Your soulmate is the disciplined and dependable Seishiro Nagi. You both are the pillars of any team - steady, reliable, and probably doing all the hard work while everyone else is chasing glory. Yes, sometimes your shared stubbornness might make you stick to playing a game of Monopoly for four hours straight, insisting that someone will go bankrupt eventually. Just remember: if you land on Park Place one more time, maybe it's time to call it a night, laugh it off, and prepare a fresh pot of coffee for the long, strategy-filled night ahead!

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About our Blue Lock Boyfriend Personality Quiz

Welcome to our Blue Lock soulmate personality quiz, a playful journey into the electrifying world of Blue Lock, an unconventional football training program crafted to cultivate the world's best striker. The manga series Blue Lock immerses us in a high-stakes, cutthroat universe where only the strongest can survive, and the characters embody different facets of competitiveness, teamwork, and personal ambition.

This quiz focuses on four standout characters from the series: Yoichi Isagi, Meguru Bachira, Jinpachi Ego, and Seishiro Nagi. Each one brings a unique approach to the beautiful game and reflects distinctive personality traits, both on and off the field.

Yoichi Isagi, our protagonist, is contemplative and adaptable, often scrutinizing situations before taking decisive action. He's the embodiment of patience and perseverance, always striving for personal improvement.

Meguru Bachira, on the other hand, is fiercely ambitious and assertive. With his assertiveness, he's always ready to leap into action, head-on without hesitation. His fiery spirit resonates with those who don't back down from a challenge.

Jinpachi Ego isn't a player but a visionary who conceptualized Blue Lock. He values innovation and isn't afraid of shaking up conventional wisdom. He's an ideal match for those who appreciate radical thinking and game-changing strategies.

Seishiro Nagi, a stalwart figure in the team, exudes discipline and reliability. He brings a steady presence to any situation, making him a perfect fit for those who value consistency and responsibility.

While these characters might not be whispering sweet nothings under a starlit sky or bringing you breakfast in bed, their love personalities align with their footballing personas. They show their affection through loyalty, shared ambition, dedication, and pushing each other to reach their full potential.

Whether you're the strategist, the go-getter, the revolutionary, or the reliable rock, this quiz will help you identify your Blue Lock soulmate. So get ready to dive into the world of Blue Lock, and may the best personality win!

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