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Ah, trivia quizzes. The game of wise men, gifted schoolchildren, and the patrons of an English pub on Tuesday nights. It’s a battle of wits and memory as players try to recall the most granular bits of information they’ve gathered in their lives. It’s the opportunity to prove how much of a fan you are for your favourite anime or TV series fandom.

How intimately do you think you know something? Have you memorized the lives of every side character in a show? Did you watch every episode, read every book, and listen to every interview on your favourite fandom? Or are you simply one smart cookie in real life, knowing the full history of medieval Europe or the names of the past 20 presidents of the United States?

If you want to test your knowledge, try some of our fun trivia quizzes on for size!


If you want to look knowledgeable, while still having a fun and rewarding time, then look no further to our collection of the best trivia quizzes on the Internet! We’ve got quite a lot of brainteasers here for you to show off your familiarity with various topics, such as general knowledge, science, history, anime and TV fandoms, famous people, and more!

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