Are You A Disney Princess?

If you still love Disney princess, at that point my friend you are a Millennial.

We have experienced that era wherein getting up right on time from bed eating and watching our famous Disney shows and dreaming of turning into a Disney princess was the ideal dream for every one of us. Fighting with your loved ones on which Disney princess you are was a golden time we as a whole want to live once more.

We all wanted to become like somebody in the future which we call our role model or idol. It might originate from reality or a film or a show. All Disney princess in their shows and films had a different way of life and we all longed for living it once take it be Cinderella, Elsa, Tiana, or Mulan, a solid and intense young lady who carried on with her life fighting and securing her family.

You had at least once pondered which Disney princess is most similar to you. Presently an ideal opportunity to reply, take this quiz, and find out how much you know about Disney princess and which one suits you the most.

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Disney Princess Trivia Quiz


Who will Pocahontas fall in love with ?

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What is the name of Jasmine's tiger?

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Who is the villain who put a curse on Aurora ?

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Which was the first Disney princess movie ?

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What Disney princess movie is happening in the U.S ?

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What is the name of the crab that watches over Ariel ?

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"I'm like a shooting star..."

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Which is the most recent Disney princess among these 4 ?

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Which animals helped Cinderella make a dress for the ball ?

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What are the names of Cinderella's stepsisters ? (2 answers)

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What happens to Rapunzel's hair when she cuts them off ?

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Which princess is a chef ?

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Are You A Disney Princess ?
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Shame on you ! You are not a true Disney fan, and even less a princess.
You are a true Disney Princess !

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Congratulations ! You know the world of Disney princesses very well. You deserve to be a Disney princess.

About Our Disney Princess Trivia Quiz

No doubt that the founder of Disney princess, Walt Disney (1901 – 1966) was the pioneer of animation films, including their particular mickey mouse and Disney characters. He has used fairy tales from around the globe to make their dream Disney princess films and animation establishment. Disney princess incorporates a total of 11 female protagonists. All Disney princesses have different stories through which they become a princess, some of them are born royal, marry royal, or due to their courage and chivalry. Turning into a Disney princess means that the female must be a bold, brilliant, central role in a movie and obviously beautiful.

This golden time begins with the first princess Snow White, the movies were first released in 1937 as a titular character and later on in shows. Her film ‘snow white and seven dwarfs' made chaos in the film industry as it was the first of its kind. Disney at that point consecutive began creating more films and animated shows on Disney princess and till the time a total of 11 princess characters were made having various stories and aptitudes. Cinderella which was known to be the most acclaimed fairy tale and story, estimating that there are more than 350 different Cinderella stories and characters in it. There is a lot of stories and characters on Disney princess.

Now, the question is : are you a Disney princess ? Take this trivia quiz and discover are you a Disney princess or not, I am certain you will pass it.

Disney Princess FAQ

Who was the first Disney Princess ?

The first-ever Disney princess was Snow White released in 1937 as a titular character. Her film Snow White and the seven dwarfs was the first animated film. The character of snow white and her film gained a ton of prominence that the following film Cinderella was presented in 1950 which was after 13 years of Disney's first delivery.

Are all the Disney Princess animated ?

Let's talk about Disney rules. Disney has an official rule that in order to be in the Disney princess sequence it is compulsory to only create animated characters and releasing them in their motion pictures and shows. It is as yet a standard of Disney and they have kept up this even after many backfires to give a genuine woman a role as a princess in their motion pictures.

Is there a Disney Princess who existed in real ?

There is around 11 princess of Disney and all are animated and from fiction motion pictures, made by mind however from every one of them there's only one princess which is genuine and existed in this world. Princess Pocahontas is really an individual and the film was based on a genuine story.

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